Easy Garden Stakes and Plant Markers

Spring and fall are a great time to try out new plants or split existing plants.  New plants tend to need some TLC, so be sure to protect them and mark them clearly in your garden beds so you don’t forget about them or where they are.

Yes, you can spend money buying cutesy, festive plant markers – but most likely you already have things just laying around the house or yard that can be just as practical and fun when it comes to noting the locations of your new plants.  Save your money for those fall candy apples, mugs of hot apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes!


Use thick twigs laying around your yard and firmly impale them around the plant, slanting them toward the middle, building a loose, natural cage-type structure.  This discourages smaller critters and sometimes even larger ones, from trampling on your new plants.  Once plants are established in fall, leave the natural cage in place through spring.  Depending on where you live, when spring comes, most of the protective twigs and any garden markers should still be in place, letting you know which plants survived the winter.


  • Impale wooden bamboo skewers around new plant, then slide colorful plastic straws over wooden skewers to make the marker really standout (see main photo)
  • Chopsticks saved from your local Chinese carryout:  for more pizazz, hot glue seashells or large, colorful beads to the top of the sticks
  • Colorful plastic swizzle sticks are inexpensive and come in all shapes and sizes, they make great garden markers and add a pop of fun


Be creative – look around for things taking up space around the home that can serve as markers, stakes, trellises or objects that can add interest to your garden.

I used tall, metal pieces of a discarded Direct TV apparatus as a trellis.  When my 5” crackled glass solar balls stopped glowing, I broke off their stakes and nestled the pretty solar balls into my garden for a pop of color.  I tired of a tin metal house that was designed for indoor use to hold a large candle.  It became a quaint fixture in the woodland garden.

Once you get yourself into the mindset of looking around for objects that are not being used and taking up space, you’ll not only come up with ways to enhance your gardens and your plants, but you’ll also get rid of clutter.  And before you discard that piece of junk – think twice, just in case it’s something you can use outside!

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