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Easy Fall Decorating Tips

I simply love the change of season.  Here in the northeast, each season brings its own special beauty and challenges, but I delight in the changes – keeps things interesting!

Spruce up your house a bit with quick and easy (my favorite words) ideas to ring in each unique season.  It’s officially fall and here are some simple ideas to give your home a touch of autumn with very little effort.

GLASS PUMPKINS:  I’m seeing clear glass, lightly frosted glass, as well as silver or mercury glass pumpkins popping up everywhere.  Whether they are silver, gold or clear — round or oblong, they’re beautiful.  Some light up, but for those that don’t, look for glass pumpkins with a hole in the bottom (see inset) where you can insert a strand or two of fairy lights.  Clear glass looks good with strands of white and orange fairy lights mixed together.  The glow of the glass pumpkins at night creates a sense of warmth and coziness.  Leave them up through the end of November until it’s time to switch to Christmas décor.

TIP:  Places like Pier 1 Imports have fairy lights in every just about every color, making your decorations easy to turn on and off from a distance with a small remote.  Some remotes also have “flickering” and “dimming” options and a timer!  Remotes allow you to place your lit decorations in high and out of the way places.

SIMPLE FALL WREATH:  Start with a pre-made natural dark twig wreath.  Optional:  add a few small dead seed heads or tiny pine cones (hot glue).  Spray it with a substantial amount of gold spray glitter.  When dry, add colorful sprigs of dainty orange, yellow and copper beads.  Insert them into the wreath.  I just wove individual strands of beads that came on wire twigs into wreath, didn’t even need to hot glue them.  DONE!  Perfect fall wreath.  EASY DRESS UP HALLOWEEN:   Attach your favorite fall Halloween ornament, or a small fake crow or owl.  After Halloween simply remove the ornament – and leave the wreath up through fall.

CERAMIC AND PAPER MACHE HOUSES:  Particularly around Halloween and Christmas, it doesn’t get much easier than strategically setting out your favorite houses.  Tuck them into shelves, on top of counters or side table.  Sprinkle a little colorful straw or fake moss around the base.  Be sure they have lights.  Most houses have a hole to add your own fairy lights or in the old fashioned ceramic houses, they come with a cord and single Christmas bulb.  White lights are always terrific, but depending on the house, experiment with different colors.

I love having at least one Halloween house in every room – each one gives the room a touch of seasonal  mood lighting.  Soft lights make everything seem cozier, especially as the days get shorter.

DESSERT PLATES:   Halloween dessert plates keep your Halloween snacks and sandwiches fun!  Now is the time to grab them at your local retail stores.  The vintage repros below came from World Market — perfect for my grilled cheese sandwich — they even had matching bowls for cereal or soup and larger ones perfect for popcorn.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to heat up some hot coco, and swap out your traditional marshmallows for your favorite Peeps!  My Halloween coco is topped with white Peep’s ghosts!


Watch Wonder Women Sixty for more holiday and decorating ideas…including EASY HALLOWEEN PARTY TREATS.  The seasons are changing – let’s groove on it!

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