E-Z Holiday Leftovers Ideas

Got leftovers?  Turn them into something totally different using the E-Z ideas below.  These are basic ideas –it’s up to you to decide if you want to add more or less of each of the ingredients, depending on your personal taste.  Add a few extra ingredients to your grocery list and you’ll have plenty of E-Z leftover choices:

OPEN FACE TURKEY SANDWICH:  Time to go OLD SCHOOL!  There’s nothing like a “basic” open face turkey sandwich.  Heat thick slices of turkey in leftover gravy.  Toast a thick piece of bread such as Texas Toast or Sourdough and pour the turkey and gravy over the toast.

TURKEY AVACADO SANDWICH:  Mash an avocado.  Spread approx. 1/3 to 1/2 of it it over a thick piece of your favorite toasted sandwich bread or sub roll.  Add slices of turkey and top with 2 or 3 slices of crispy bacon.  OPTIONAL:  Mayo

TURKEY OR HAM CRESCENT ROLL SNACK:  Using refrigerator tube crescent rolls, lay out each triangle of dough on a cookie sheet.  Spread each triangle with Dijon mustard or mayo.  Add a few small pieces of turkey or ham then top with a little bit of cheddar cheese.  Roll up crescents and bake per instructions.

TURKEY PATE:   mince leftover turkey and mix with whipped cream cheese (half turkey, half cream cheese), add a few tablespoons of crushed walnuts and a dash or 2 of Worcester sauce.  OPTIONAL:  Minced red onion.  Proportion ingredients to your personal taste.  Serve with crackers or crusty bread.

CRANBERRY SMOOTHIE:  Use leftover home-made cranberry sauce for a delicious smoothie.  Combine a few heaping tablespoons of cranberry sauce with a scoop vanilla ice-cream, add approx. ¼ to ½ cup milk.  Optional:  Add a tablespoon or 2 of plain or vanilla yogurt or add a few fresh orange or mandarin slices.   BLEND…DONE!

CRANBERRY TOPPING:  Home-made cranberry sauce is great over French Vanilla (or plain Vanilla) ice-cream.  OPTIONAL:   Add chopped walnuts and/or diced orange or mandarin slices.  This topping is also good over plain pound cake, bundt or white cake.

TURKEY WILD RICE SOUP:  Cook a box of your favorite wild rice soup (such as Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice) per the instructions.  Heat up 1 can of chicken broth and add approx. ½ cup of water.  Then add the cooked wild rice.  Use more rice for a thicker soup, less for a thinner soup.  Add shredded pieces of leftover turkey.  OPTIONAL:  Fresh mushrooms are great in this soup.  Lightly saute´ them in oil or butter before adding to the soup.  When soup is hot, simmer for 10 to 20 minutes on LOW heat.   SERVE.

GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE BREAKFAST EGGS:   In a frying pan (coated with cooking spray or lightly buttered) place several mounds of leftover green bean casserole.  Flatten them to approx. a small pancake size.  Heat the flattened casserole on low heat for a few minutes until it is heated through.  Then top each pancake with a freshly cracked egg.  Put a lid over the pan and cook the eggs until over easy or anyway you like them.  SERVE.


These days many of us are staying home.  Start your own holiday tradition.  My holiday tradition:  a few years ago, I decided Black Friday was going to be a Pajama Day. You’ll find me parked at a jigsaw table in front of the TV and eating leftovers all day – in fact, ALL weekend!


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