E-Z HALLOWEEN IDEAS (kids & adults)

These days your home has truly become your sanctuary.  Halloween is a great time of year to enjoy some family-style crafts with your kids.  Take them along to the craft or dollar store and let them pick out their favorite plastic spiders, garland, etc.  Get in some great one-on-one time with the kids by making crafts and decorating the house together for Halloween. (TIP:  Dollar Tree Stores are filled with a variety of craft and decorating items – for a buck, you just can’t beat it – and kids LOVE THEM!)


CANDY CORN JAR:   Glass jars with lids will not only keep candy fresh, but can also be a decorative display.   Using a large see-through glass jar with lid, add candy corn or other colorful Halloween candy.  LID:  scrunch several inches of Halloween garland (depending on lid size) into a ball and with a glue gun or heavy double sided tape, affix the garland to cover the top of the lid.  Optional:  Give it extra impact by affixing spider rings (shown below) or other Halloween ornament.

MINI MASON JAR CRAFT:  Have your children pour festive candy corn into small clear glass jars with lids (such as mini-mason jars.)  They can also add some of their other favorite candy (such as gummies, licorice pieces, etc.).  Have the kids trace the lid on an orange piece of construction or scrapbook paper.  Give them a black marker so they can draw their own graphic or write their own name or message inside the orange circle.  Cut out the circle.  For mason jars, slip their drawing on the inside rim of the mason jar (shown below)  For a regular jar, affix their orange circle on top of the lid with glue or double sided tape.   The kids can each have their own jar or give these mini-jars to their friends or family members.  Older kids may enjoy adding a touch of gold, black or silver glitter.


Glass pumpkins or ceramic Halloween houses come in all shapes and styles.  Some are elegant, some are cute, some are artsy and some downright creepy.  Pick up a few favorites.  Many come with lights.  But if they don’t, check to see if you can add your own fairy lights.  As dusk settles in, they will make any room feel cozier.  Consider putting them in multiple rooms.  Children will especially enjoy the glow from their bed when they go to sleep.

DISPLAY HALLOWEEN COLLECTIBLES:  A single house or figurine looks great on a round black or orange placemat.  Rectangular placemats work well for more than one item.  I’ve found quite an assortment of placements that were beaded in black and orange, some with gold sequins.  Orange placements or placemats with a basic pumpkin design can be used for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving displays.

You can also display your favorite collectibles on cake pedestals.  Pedestals can be found in an assortment of sizes, pick out one that will be perfect for your display.   To fill up the space around the collectible, scatter black stones or tufts of garland or rope garland.

Check out places like Home Goods, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, they usually carry a nice selection of seasonal goods, including placemats, glass pumpkins, cake pedestals, etc.

EZ CANDY APPLES:   Family fun!  Arrange apple slices side-by-side on a large plate or platter.  Heat up caramel candy (or sundae caramel topping) and then mix in chopped peanuts or pecans.  When caramel is hot enough to be pourable, drizzle mixture over the bottom half of the slices (leaving the top half of each slice plain, making it easy for folks to grab them).

CREATE YOUR OWN FAMILY FUN AT HOME THIS HALLOWEEN SEASON – it’s especially important if you have children and grandchildren that are staying home and can’t go trick or treating this year.  Create special memories for them (and yourself) for years to come.

Colorful placemats like these pumpkin and orange ones, can be used to display collectibles for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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