E-Z DIY Project: Recycle Holiday Cards

This time of year there’s so many beautiful holiday cards gracing our homes.  It’s sad when the holidays are over that most of them are thrown away.

Here’s an EASY way to re-cycle those cards.  If you have children or grandchildren, it’s also an easy project for them to enjoy with you, and it will help them understand the importance of recycling.

Since cards are printed on a durable card stock, they make perfect gift tags and bookmarks.  All you need are a few basic items:

  1. Cards
  2. Thin Ribbon or colorful cord
  3. Hole Puncher (or other instrument to pierce a small hole)
  4. OPTIONAL: For Bookmarks:  sheets of clear laminate, tassels


  1. Find an area of the card that you think would make a nice gift tag image. Turn the card over and make sure there is NO printing or handwriting on the back – it should be blank.
  2. Map out the area of the card for your gift tag with a ruler and pencil — your gift tag sizes can vary based on the image.  Tags can be square, rectangular, triangular – your choice!
  3. Cut out the mapped area.
  4. Punch a hole at the top of the gift tag.
  5. Run a 3” piece of thin ribbon or gold cord through the hole and tie a knot close to the hole to keep the ribbon in place. There should be two loose ends of ribbon so you can affix the gift cards to a package next year.


  1. Find an area of the card that’s approx. 2” x 6” with a nice image. Turn the card over to be sure there is NO printing or handwriting on the back of the card – it should be blank.
  2. Map out the area for your bookmark with a ruler and pencil.
  3. Cut out mapped area. THE BOOKMARK IS DONE or SEE BELOW:


  1. OPTIONAL: PUNCH A HOLE AT THE TOP and run a 2-3” piece of thin ribbon, tassel or colorful cord through the hole.  Knot it at the hole to keep the ribbon/tassel in place.
  2. OPTIONAL: Laminate one or both sides using sheets of clear peel off laminate.


– Many holiday cards feature birds, animals or snow scenes.  These make great gift tags or bookmarks to add to packages for friends/family with a winter birthday or other winter event.

–  Don’t forget, other cards such as birthday cards can be recycled too!

–  Store your gift tags with your other cards so you’ll have them when you need them (and won’t forget about them).


Recycling cards will not only save you money, but friends/family will appreciate your “home-made” gift tags and bookmarks.  Encourage children to make bookmarks for their grandparents (or others) as gifts.  What grandparent doesn’t like something make by their grandchildren?

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