Duffy Brown’s: Pearls and Poison

There was an old expression we used to use back in the sixties.  When something tickled our fancy we’d say:  What a riot! 

Well along comes Duffy Brown with her hard-core southern fried sass and brings us:  Pearls and Poison – WHAT A RIOT!  I’d love for Duffy to join my happy hour friends – she’d probably have us laughing so hard, we’d be falling off the bar stools!

It is election time in Savannah, Georgia.  Judge Guillotine Gloria is fighting tooth and nail to get elected to the city council.  Her daughter, Reagan, is “helping out” (I use the term loosely) on her mother’s campaign.  It’s not exactly Reagan’s thing – she’d rather be running her consignment shop, The Prissy Fox, but frankly, her mom needs all the help she can get.  Reagan’s Auntie KiKi, is hair and makeup artist to the dead (think funeral parlor) and not so famous.  She’s also enlisted to work on Gloria’s campaign.

Gloria’s main opponent is sleazeball slime bag, Kip Seymour.  Just as sleazy is his campaign manager, Delray Valentine.  Looks like Kip has done some shady deals and to make matters worse, he has lots of voting friends.  Now it’s a neck and neck campaign – with a third runner, Archie Lee gaining ground every day.  It’s a fight to the death – literally.  Nothing can stink up a campaign faster than a dead body, especially when it starts to smells like murder.

Gloria is suddenly the #1 suspect.  Reagan and Auntie Kiki, along with a vividly colorful group of sassy southern characters, are playing sleuth to nail the real culprit.  Voting day is just around the corner and unless Gloria’s name is cleared, she’s got no chance of winning — even worse, she can wind up in the slammer on a murder rap!

Every page swells with southern swagger that kept me in stitches.  Phrases like:  …you’ll look like a big namby-pamby bozo for letting some skinny-butt woman get the drop on you…  or …flattened him like a fried egg in a skillet…  or I’m going to strangle you with my bare hands, you overbearing middle-Georgia, low-rent bastard…  will keep you grinning as you turn each page.

I found this book in my own private library and finally had a chance to read it.  I’m sold on this series, Consignment Shop Mysteries.  Who needs a prescription for happy pills when all you need is another dose of Duffy Brown’s riotous books?  Pearls and Poison was released in 2014, but is still available.  If you like to laugh your way through a good cozy, this one more than fits the bill.   Duffy Brown has a way with words and a knack for creating believable good-natured Georgian characters who “tell it like it is,” southern-style.  And Duffy, I sure like your style!

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