DIY: Jazzed Up Treat and Favor Boxes

If you’re looking for small boxes for party favors or to hold candies or baked goods, you can find packs of folded down boxes in all sizes and different colors at your local party supply store, craft store or other retailers.

I found these 3 ½” x 6” green boxes at my local party supply store.  They came in a pack of 10, folded down flat for easy storage.  They come in handy when I’m passing out cookies or brownies to the neighbors or need a quick hostess-type gift (filled with chocolates).  They can also become quick and easy party favors for young or old — any occasion.

Here’s the low-down how to give your plain colored box some pizazz:


  • Box of your choice
  • Pipe cleaners OR hot glue gun
  • Fan Party picks with toothpick stems (used for spearing fruit for cocktails)

Instructions for box shown:

– Open the fan pick.

– Hold the fan pick in place where you want to affix it on the assembled box, then mark a small dot on each side of the stem below the leaves.  Set the fan pick aside, then punch very small holes with an ice pick (or similar) on the dots.

– Insert a small 1” piece of green pipe cleaner into each hole so the pipe cleaner tips are on the inside of the box.

-Twist the pipe cleaner edges together to tighten, then slide the fan pick into the pipe cleaner loop on the front of the box.  The pipe cleaner will hold the pick in place.  You can also use a glue gun to affix the fan pick instead of the pipe cleaner, but I found the 1” piece of pipe cleaner extremely easy and fast.

TIPS:  When affixing the pipe cleaner, match the pipe cleaner color to blend into the color of the box. Punch the holes right below the fan pick design so the pipe cleaner won’t be as noticeable (i.e., as in the photo, right below the leaves).

If you are making boxes for a large group, just buy a few boxes and picks FIRST as a trial run.  Some picks because of the way they open may not lend themselves to your box design.

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