Death by Jack-O’-Lantern by Alexis Morgan

Brand new September release from Kensington Publishing:

Nestle yourself in for one of the “coziest” cozies around.  Alexis Morgan’s Death By Jack-O’-Lantern is both charming and sweet. The heroes and heroine are down to earth, and one of them, Zeke, is downright furry!

There’s something about this particular cozy that I found to be very endearing.  It warmed me up like a nice hot cup of coco with a dash of arsenic.

The small town of Snowberry Creek in Washington is kicking it into high gear with the town’s Halloween festivities.  Abby McCree is recently divorced and in no rush to come up with a game plan for her new, single and unemployed life.

When her Aunt Sybil passed away, Abby inherited her dog, Zeke, along with the mother-in-law house on the back of the property.  Aunt Sybil had been renting out the mother-in-law house to a young, former veteran, Tripp Blackston, and Abby saw no reason to change things.  Now that she’s settled in the main house, she realizes that Tripp is a wonderful tenant and they soon become fast friends.

Tripp is always anxious to help out other veterans any way he can, while facing his own demons.  He’s taken an older homeless vet, Kevin, under his wings.  While Kevin lives alone in the woods, Tripp is always checking in on the former vet and making sure he always has food and other basic necessities.

Meanwhile, Abby is also finding her niche in the community and is volunteering for the town’s Halloween festival and (reluctantly) a veteran’s fundraiser. Her quilting group also is relying on her to deliver hand-made quilts to the local fire and police departments for first responders to hand out quilts to children at accidents and fires.

She’s starting to be a bit frazzled around the edges – while personally rewarding, volunteering can be downright exhausting!  But when her elderly friend, Glenda, asks her to help her pick up an order of pumpkins at the local pumpkin farm, she just can’t say no.

Picking up an order of pumpkins couldn’t possibly take too long – that is, unless as the book cover states, you don’t find a body in the corn maze!  A knife in the back doesn’t exactly scream death by natural causes.

Things just go downhill from there. Tripp’s friend, Kevin, is being suspected of murder.  The talk is that Kevin was squatting in the nearby woods and pilfering pumpkins from the farm.  With Kevin hiding in deep cover, the police are anxious to find their number one suspect. Tripp and Abby know Kevin is innocent and have no choice but to help clear Kevin’s name.  And the only way to do that is to find the real killer.

Ms. Morgan gives us a subtle, well-hatched mystery with characters that keep you totally engaged and wanting more, plus a warm, fuzzy feeling ending that will melt your heart.



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