Dead in Dublin by Catie Murphy

You don’t need to spend all that money on a plane ticket to get yourself a wee bit of Irish!  Visit Ireland from the comfort of your own home with a copy of Dead in Dublin by Catie Murphy.

While I ALWAYS enjoy the many cozies that take place right here in Small Town U.S.A., sometimes it’s fun to take a trip to another country to get a flavor for its unique food, lingo, scenery and lifestyles.

After years in the military, Megan Malone has left the States to start her new career as a driver for Leprechaun Limo Service in Dublin.  She’s really settling in and has already made herself quite a motley crew of friends.

But it’s never good for business when one of your clients drops dead in front of a famed statue – that of Ireland’s famed fishmonger, Molly Malone.  To make matters worse, this particular client had just eaten at a nearby restaurant — a restaurant where the owner just happens to be one of Megan’s new found friends.

Apparently the Irish Gardai´ (police) also have their own version of CSI.  The restaurant is shut down indefinitely with crime scene tape and barricades surrounding the area.  As one can imagine, the owner is freaking out; praying the woman didn’t die from food poisoning, especially since the woman who died was a celebrity – a celebrity food blogger no less!

With her friend’s restaurant on the line, Megan finds herself caught up in more drama than on The Young and The Restless.  When the suspicious death turns into a blatant murder, she wastes no time tracking leads on the computer, questioning restaurant employees, and even lending a sympathetic shoulder to the victim’s husband (while keeping him firmly on her radar screen).

But it becomes an intense juggling act – keeping her very strict boss, Olga, happy, staying at arm’s length of a handsome Garda that sure has caught her eye, and taking in a mama dog with newborn puppies — all while trying to nail a killer who’s simply “not finished” just yet.

Ms. Murphy seamlessly sewed together the history, song, and background of Dublin’s legendary Molly Malone.  I loved getting a jolt of what life is like over there in Ireland, including tidbits such as their native flowers and traditional food.

This is the FIRST in her new Dublin Driver series with another one on the way in fall, Death on the Green. I personally can’t wait to see if she winds up with the handsome Garda and if she adopts those abandoned adorable terriers!

So get out the breakfast Irish tea and some scones, simmer that corned beef and cabbage (see my easy recipe under the “Health” category) and GO GREEN – all the way to Ireland with Catie Murphy!

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