Dazzling Holiday Treat Containers

Packing up a few home-made Christmas cookies, candy or other goodies for friends, family or neighbors?  Here’s some easy decorating tips on how to give your plain cookie or candy container the “wow factor.”

First make sure the boxes or containers you are using are “food safe.”  Use plain, solid colors for your boxes/containers in red, green, blue, gold, silver or white.  Add some sparkly tufts of garland in a mound on the top of the container and add a jingle bell or ornament.  If it’s a larger box you can even use the garland to secure the box by tying it shut with strands of shiny garland instead of ribbon.   You can also do this for your wrapped holiday gifts – instead of using traditional bows and ribbon, get groovy with garland!

The photo above is of party favors I did for a senior group a few years ago for the holidays using Chinese take-out cartons.  These cartons come in different sizes and are perfect for individual treat boxes.    Find them online or at party stores.   It illustrates how simple tufts of glistening garland and simple dollar store jingle bells can really bring on the bling.

These party favors can also be adapted for bridal showers (use white or silver boxes), Halloween (use black, white or orange), birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.



  • Pipe cleaners
  • Strands of colorful garland
  • Chinese take-out boxes
  • Jingle bells or other ornaments
  • Goodies to fill inside such as individually wrapped candy, biscotti, mints, cookies, tea bags or homemade treats.



  • Fill the box with treats
  • Cut a pipe cleaner to approx. 8 ½”, then twist it around the hook on the carton flap (see the front row carton example on the photo above). Then close the flaps, closing the hooked flap LAST with the pipe cleaner ends sticking out.
  • Run a jingle bell (or ornament) through one of the pipe cleaner ends, then twist the ends together to secure the bell (or ornament) to the top of the carton.
  • Cut a 9” piece of garland and wrap it around the jingle bell (or ornament), using the pipe cleaner you inserted into the flap to also secure the garland, OR put a few dots of hot glue around the top of the box to secure the garland.
  • Tuck in the end of the garland to keep the “nest effect” secure.
  • DONE!

GUEST IDEA:  If you host holiday meals, cookouts or events and you always wind up giving folks leftovers, keep some colorful Chinese take-out cartons on hand.  They stack easily and are great for packing up leftovers for folks to take home.   IMPORTANT:  ALWAYS CHECK TO MAKE SURE FOOD CONTAINERS AND TAKEOUT CARTONS ARE “SAFE FOR FOOD” – NOT ALL OF THEM ARE.

HAVE FUN – you’ll be surprised how creative and groovy you can get with garland!   

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