Crime and Punctuation by Kaitlyn Dunnett

I’ve always been a huge fan of Kaitlyn Dunnett’s Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Series…it is definitely one of my all-time favorites.  With that said, I (shamefully) had my doubts that she could launch yet another new series that would be as entertainingly terrific.

Silly me!  After all, this is Kaitlyn Dunnett I’m talking about!  She is simply not capable of writing a bad book!  And now here she is, with another brand new series, “Deadly Edits”.  If you’re like me, you probably have a backlog of books scattered throughout your house. Well here’s another one to add to your stack and I recommend moving it to the top of your reading list:  Crime & Punctuation — the first in Kaitlyn’s new series.

I had a quiet, low-key Memorial Day weekend, so I did a lot of lounging on the porch with her new book in one hand and a green tea lemonade in the other.  It was pure bliss!  I lost myself in the story to the point where I delayed making my dinner for two hours (I kept saying to myself “just one more chapter”).

Recently widowed Mikki Lincoln is retirement age.  She’s moved back to her childhood home in the Catskills.  But it seems like her old homestead needs some serious fixer-upper work and her budget has become more strained than that old woman living with all those kids in a shoe! Like many seniors these days, Mikki gets her second wind and starts her own freelance editing business.

Her small client base has been slowly growing when Tiffany Scott shows up at her door.   She’s a wannabe writer, fully loaded with a copy of her manuscript in hand, and in desperate need of an editor.   Mikki flips through the pages, but in her opinion, this book just isn’t very good.  She tactfully declines the editing job, but Tiffany simply won’t hear of it.  She is adamant that Mikki take it on, in spite of Mikki’s doubts that it will ever be a bestseller or even get published.

After much cajoling, Mikki reluctantly accepts the job and soon discovers that Tiffany’s book may be based on actual events buried in the past…schemes, cover-ups and even murder.  To make matters worse, she suspects that some of the characters are based on Tiffany’s own husband and his right-hand man.

It seems Tiffany’s hubby has another one of his grandioso dreams (i.e., a questionable scheme) to open a huge theme park with all the bells and whistles.  He promises everyone that this will boost the economy for their small town of Lenape Hollow.   The townsfolk have taken sides, but none are more against it than Tiffany’s own grandmother who will be stuck with a theme park practically in her own backyard.

But the theme park takes a temporary backseat when a murder, faked to look like an accident, comes to the surface (literally).  Mikki hasn’t been back to her hometown very long, but feels compelled to do a little sleuthing on her own when she realizes the manuscript she has in her midst may be the key to the to the crime.

Suddenly she’s looking at almost everyone as a potential suspect even as she continues to reconnect with old friends, as well as making new ones.  Now she can’t help but wonder if one of them committed cold, premeditated murder and if this somehow ties into the new theme park.

Let Kaitlyn take you for a smooth ride into her new Deadly Edits Series – she’s definitely the driver and got both hands firmly on the wheel!   A terrific cozy mystery – ONCE AGAIN!  Thanks Kaitlyn for a great road trip from the comfort of my chaise lounge!


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