Cool Drinks to Beat the Heat!

The summer heat is still here – and for many of us, it’s downright brutal, hitting temps of almost 100 degrees. But Wonder Women Sixty created some specialty drinks that are guaranteed to keep you cool and can be made WITH or WITHOUT alcohol! For the NON-alcoholic version, simply skip the rum.

The Wonder Women Sixty: LE MINT SLUSH (Serves 1):

In an ice-cube tray, place l mint leaf in each cube compartment. Then fill the tray with your favorite lemonade.

When the cubes are frozen, add them to your blender (I use my Nutri-Bullet) then add:

1/3 cup of water

1 splash or shot of lemon flavored rum (regular rum will also do)

Blend until smooth and slushy

Garnish: optional lemon wedge

Don’t want it frozen? Then simply pour your favorite lemonade into a glass with some ice cubes and add 6 bruised mint leaves, lemon rum optional.

The Wonder Women Sixty BANBERRY (serves 1):

In your blender or Nutri-bullet-style blender add:

½ of a sliced FROZEN banana

7 or 8 FROZEN strawberries

1/3 cup of water

A dollop of vanilla ice cream (optional)

1 splash or shot of rum (optional)

Blend until smooth and slushy

Garnish: blueberries, raspberries/and or blackberries

Note: you can also use a mixture of frozen berries instead of 7 or 8 frozen strawberries. Or up the berries and leave the banana out completely – make it to your personal taste.

Wonder Women Sixty LAZY SNAX MIX :

While I love the baked snack mixes, they are time consuming and are baked with loads of butter – which frankly, makes it irresistible. But you can make a quick and easy snack mix of your own without the butter or baking. Of course it won’t be “as” good as all those different snack mixes baked with butter, but it’s more healthy, still quite addictive and easy to make:

In a large bowl mix together a bunch of snack-type stuff. To give you some ideas, my own personal snax mix recipe includes: popcorn (plain or cheddar), Chex corn squares, tiny cheddar cheese crackers, broken up pieces of extra dark pretzels, chili or Old Bay spiced peanuts. Sometimes I add sesame sticks or cashews – use your own imagination. Let your own tastes dictate the portions, i.e., if you love popcorn, go heavier on the popcorn. Like a lotta nuts? Then go more nuts!

Give the mixture of few good shakes (to your liking) of chili powder, mix and EAT!

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