Christmas Sweets – J. Fluke, L. Levine, L. Meier

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Christmas Sweets is truly a triple Christmas Treat!  Top-notch authors, Joanne Fluke, Laura Levine and Leslie Meier give us three fabulous Christmas mysteries to ponder in between our holiday preparations.

In The 12 Desserts of Christmas, Fans of Hannah Swensen mysteries will enjoy this lovable Christmas tale that Joanne Fluke penned in 2006.  The story opens with a teacher, Julie Jansen, finding herself saddled with 6 unfortunate boarding school children who have nowhere to go during the holiday season. But it’s not so bad since Julie is single and doesn’t have any real plans for the holidays.  Bonus – another teacher, Matt Sherwood (also single), is also assigned to help out with the 6 young kids.

Things seem to go well with keeping the children occupied and just as romance between the two teachers is blossoming, peculiar events start happening – and it’s pushing the teachers apart. Julie is perplexed and depressed, so she calls up her friend’s sleuthing sister, Hannah, to help her figure out what exactly is going on and hopefully save Christmas for Matt and Julie.  A lovable heartwarming mystery to kick off your holidays!

NEXT UP:  LOL Laura Levine has us “laughing all the way” with her entry:  A Nightmare On Elf Street.  True to form, Ms. Levine keeps us in holiday stitches with the escapades of freelance writer Jaine Austen and her chaotically crazy cat, Prozac.  Fans who follow her Jaine Austen series know that Jaine is pretty much game to do “anything” when it can help her land a freelance writing job.  Here we find Jaine bamboozled into being frightfully outfitted and working as an elf in Santa Land.

As if the “elf” gig isn’t bad enough — finding a dead Santa was not exactly on her “wish list!”  Let Ms. Levine lead you through a truly hysterically funny holiday romp, as Jaine tries her best to weed through a Santa Land list of potential suspects.  So many too choose from – but one of them is really giving her the ultimate “snow job.”   Fill your own stocking with LLL (Laura Levine Laughs) and let the holidays begin!

THIRD MYSTERY:  Leslie Meier’s The Christmas Thief, brings small-town reporter, Lucy Stone, to the aid of her daughter, Elizabeth.  Fans who have followed the capers of Lucy Stone over the years, know her family has been growing up and moving out.  Elizabeth is now a young lady, trying to make a name and career for herself at the super posh Cavendish Hotel.  Elizabeth finds herself promoted to assistant concierge, taking on one of the most demanding jobs in the hotel — fulfilling the ridiculous whims of high society snobs.

Wall Street financier Jonah Gruber, with wife in tow, has booked the entire hotel for his elite friends for the holiday season.  Jonah’s also brought a cache of high profile jewels worth millions to show off during the hotel’s Blingle Bells Ball. But it’s not a jolly celebration when the jewels mysteriously disappear…and guess where the finger is pointing!   Elizabeth is freaking out and eventually calls Mama Lucy to come to the rescue.  All Elizabeth wants for Christmas is to have her name cleared and not wind up in the slammer!  Lucy Stone mysteries are simply charming, quaint and truly lovable… short will keep you guessing until the end.

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