The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Where would the world be without moms?  Those precious, loving, caring angels who brought us into this world and walked right alongside of us as we traveled down life’s twisting and turning paths.  Yes, Mother’s Day is all about “mom” – but we must never forget to honor...

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What’s in Your Emergency Pantry?

Through the years my home has been hit with everything from the flu, blizzards, severe summer storms, etc.  One thing I’ve learned is to ALWAYS keep certain emergency items in the pantry all year long…it’s good to be prepared. These days you may not be able to always...

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Money Saving Tips on Auto Repairs and Insurance

We’ve all been there – suddenly our car’s air conditioner goes out, timing belts need replacing, heating system doesn’t work – and let’s not even think about the “engine” or “transmission!” But one thing that might make our auto repairs less painful, is a discount on...

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