Bearly Departed by Meg Macy

Who doesn’t love a cute, cuddly teddy bear?  Pick up Meg Macy’s first in her new series, Bearly Departed, and you’ll soon realize that even adorable teddy bears can have the whole town talking – about murder!

Meg Macy takes us to a small town in Michigan where you’ll want to stroll down the charming streets of unique shops and home-style restaurants and bakeries.

Thirty-one year old Sasha Silverman is helping her sister, Madeline, run their family’s business, the Silver Bear Shop and teddy bear factory.  Their father took to retirement, but still holds the reigns tight enough to keep control when it comes to important business decisions.  His brother, their Uncle Ross, still spry in his 60’s, also enjoys working and helping out in the business.

What could be better than having a business that makes kids ooh and ahh over every size, shape and style of teddy bear you could imagine.  The factory tours, where the bears are created and assembled, captures the hearts of both young and old.   Throughout the year there are teddy bear parades, teddy bear picnics and teddy bear teas!

By appearances, all seems to be going well, even though there’s another teddy bear company in stiff competition.  Sasha isn’t worried – after all, their bears are unique and their business is doing ok.  They have some big orders on the way and a brand new bear pattern in the works.

But as time goes by, Sasha and her sister start to wonder about their head sales guy, Will Taylor, and if he really has the company’s best interest at heart.  Seems he’s got big guy Silverman wrapped around his finger – and he’s purposely leaving the rest of the family in the dark – real deep in the dark.

The sisters begin to suspect that Will might be out to destroy the very company he’s working for and even may even be trying to sell their new teddy bear pattern to their competitor.  When a body is discovered in the factory things get really ugly!   The plant becomes an immediate crime scene and the factory is shut down faster than you can say CSI.

Of course, its murder and it’s freaking out the town’s moms with their sweet little kids!  Sales plummet – crime scene tape and a dead body seem to have that effect on people!  With the factory being shut down indefinitely, their best workers start quitting on the spot — in the midst of their busiest season!

Afraid the cops are going to let the case get cold, Sasha, Madeline and Uncle Ross find themselves doing their own snooping.  As the pieces start fitting together even neater than their teddy bear patterns, they realize that a lot of  townsfolk, and even their former employees, seem to be hiding their own not-so-well kept secrets…and one of them is a deadly killer!

Fans of new cozy series and cuddly teddy bears will find this book simply charming!  Macy’s characters are solidly portrayed and her details of teddy bear production make you feel like you’re getting a personal tour of the Silverman’s factory.  No doubt about it, it’s hard not to fall in love with the cuteness of teddy bears sprinkled with a few dashes of murder!

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