Antiques Ravin’ by Barbara Allan

The writing team known as Barbara Allan really lit my fire with this seriously funny over the top cozy set in the sleepy little town of Serenity.  Nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, the town is anything but “serene”.  This cozy kept me in stitches from the very first page until the very end.

Enter Vivian and Brandy Borne – mother and daughter antique dealers turned amateur sleuths.  But Vivian, being the diversified woman that she is – winds up being the newly appointed county sheriff!  She kind of got the job by default and now is anxious to prove herself.  She’s of Danish stock, widowed, attractive, fabulously fashionable and known in town as an amateur detective —  and oh, she’s in her mid-seventies! 

Her daughter, Brandy, is a thirty-three yr. old bottled blond, divorced and has been unofficially deemed Vivian’s deputy.  Someone had to ride shotgun and chauffeur Vivian around, so Brandy figured it may as well be her.  Seems Vivian racked up a ton of vehicular infractions and had her driver’s license revoked – huh???  A sheriff with a revoked license — now that’s hilarious!

This cozy was written in a very unique style – sometimes from the perspective of Vivian, sometimes from the perspective of Brandy.  The book also has a way of drawing you in – like you’re sitting there with Vivian and Brandy and they are looking to you for comments (or sighs or laughs).  This writing style sets it apart from your typical cozy – and I LOVE IT!

The mystery takes place in the dog days of August. Summer’s a bit slow, so Vivian and Brandy temporarily closed their Trash ‘n’ Treasures antique shop for the month.  Now they are on their way to another little county town, Antiqua, to investigate a row of antique shops that experienced overnight break-ins.

The folks of Antiqua are getting ready for their annual 3-day gala, Edgar Allan Poe Days’.  There will be food, fun and a cleverly planned antique hunt.  Tourists will soon be pouring in from far and wide, anxious to decipher clues to help them find an extremely valuable and rare Poe collectible that they each are hoping to take home.

But as the festivities begin, the tourists aren’t the only ones coming to town.  Looks like cold-blooded murder has arrived, echoing tales from Edgar Allan Poe.  As the new county sheriff, Vivian got a lot more than she bargained for (and I’m not talking about antiques).  But come hell or high water, she is bound and determined to crack the crime with the help of Deputy Brandy and her adorable shih tzu, Sushi.

If you want (or need) a good dose of humor with your cozy, then this is an absolute must!  Not every author can write humor, not every author can write a solid mystery, but Barbara Allan sure nailed them both with Antiques Ravin’, a Trash ‘n’ Treasures Mystery.


A complimentary copy of this book was provided by publisher.

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