And The Killer Is….by G.A. McKevett

Fans of Hallmark TV mysteries will thoroughly enjoy this new release from G.A. McKevett, featuring private investigator, Savannah Reid.

Savannah is a sassy, transplanted southern gal who has opened her PI business in Southern California.  In this installment of her delightfully entertaining series, she’s contacted by her old friend, Ethan Malloy – an Academy Award winning movie star who is, once again, in need of her services.

One of Ethan’s mentors and friend, Lucinda Faraday, met with a grisly fate — strangled by a pair of vintage stockings!  Lucinda once reigned over the Silver Screen and was hailed as one of the most beautiful women of her time.  At 90 years old, she still retained her fabulous art deco mansion, which over the years, had slid into a quiet decay.   Gone were the lavish parties of the rich and famous – gone were her many lovers, fans and friends (including mobsters).  Now she’s gone, too, and Ethan can’t sit idle with his dear friend’s killer running loose.

Savannah is just coming off a bust with her police detective hubby, Dirk, involving a seriously bad news, drug pushing, and abusive mom.  The “system” doesn’t have a place for the woman’s young son, Brody, to stay for a night or two, so Savannah and Dirk take him home with them.  While Savannah surely has her hands full, she simply can’t turn away a distraught Ethan who’s shamelessly begging her to solve Lucinda’s murder.

The troops are called in.  Family members make up the “crew” of Savannah’s Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency and take on research and background checks of Lucinda’s acquaintances.  Even Savannah’s Granny comes over to help keep a watchful eye on the young and somewhat wild, Brody.  She’s cooking up a southern storm and even spends the night, so the team to get cracking on their newest case.

As Savannah sifts through a list of suspects, she finds Lucinda’s great grandson, Geoffrey Faraday, is as cold-hearted and loathsome as they come.  While being totally despicable doesn’t necessarily make you a killer, his shady dealings and callous attitude keep him high on her suspect list.  This quickly becomes a twisted case, and dark secrets that were lurking in the shadows are now brought to light.

Hats off to this was a well-done, feel good mystery.  The pure home-spun southern Savannah sass puts this book high on my list.  It’s funny, engaging, certainly entertaining and houses a solid mystery.  But this cozy is even more cozy than most.  The interaction of Dirk and Savannah as temporary guardians of delinquent Brody, as well as with their own family members, is guaranteed to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling throughout the entire book.

Looking for that feel-good happy ending?  Look NO further. Even after the killer is caught, the happiness abounds for everyone in the story (except for the bad guys).  Sentimental readers will undoubtedly finish the book quite misty-eyed and satisfied!

I love McKevett’s Savannah Reid mystery series.  In her newest book, And the Killer Is…, G.A. McKevett has pulled out all the stops to bring us a solid mystery spritzed with humor and the very happiest of endings!  A perfect cozy, especially during these challenging times!


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