An Apple A Day….

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

It’s an old saying, but still relevant.  Apples are one of the easiest and healthiest snacks around.  They don’t need refrigeration and transport easily.  No peeling – no muss, no fuss, just a solid and dependable tasty treat.

How does an apple help shoo away the doc?

Apples have zero fat and cholesterol, plus they provide:

– Vitamin C

– Potassium

– Antioxidants

– Fiber that may help you maintain a healthy digestive system and eliminate toxins.

– Powerful antioxidants to help strengthen your immune system

BONUS:  Since eating an apple is filling, it may even help to reduce food cravings.

We’re smack in the middle of apple season, the best time to grab some fresh picked apples.  Whether you prefer traditional red delicious, galas, grannies for baking or one of the many other varieties, now is a great time to add some apples into your diet.

GOT THOSE MID-DAY MUNCHIES OR NEED A PICK ME UP?  Dip the tips of apple slices into a bit of peanut butter or mix diced apples into plain, vanilla, caramel or cinnamon yogurt.

WEATHER GETTING A BIT CHILLY AT NIGHT? Cozy up with your loved one or a good book and enjoy a cup of hot apple cider.  Give it a boost with a dab of healthy cinnamon.  For a Saturday night special, add a hit (or two) of rum.  Hot apple cider, popcorn and a good movie on TV makes for a comfy evening at home.

NEED AN EASY MEAL?  Using a crockpot or large kettle, simmer your favorite brats or sausages in sauerkraut and add slices of apple.

APPLE MEATBALLS: Make your favorite meatball recipe and try adding a shredded apple to the mixture.

EASY MEATBALL RECIPE:   Mix one pound of ground chicken or beef with one shredded apple, 2-3 tablespoons of onion, 1 beaten egg, ¼ to ½ cup of breadcrumbs, salt/pepper to taste.  Bake formed meatballs at 375 degrees until done.  Add the meatballs to your favorite pasta sauce (simmer them together), and then serve over spaghetti OR stuff the meatballs in sauce into a sub roll for a meatball sandwich.

LET’S NOT FORGET:   so many things we can make and bake with apples.  Make your favorite apple cakes, dumplings, muffins, pies and breads.  Consider adding heart-healthy walnuts to your recipes if they don’t already include them.  Walnuts and apples are a perfect pair!

As another old saying goes:  HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES???

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