A View To A Kilt by Kaitlyn Dunnett

While we’re enjoying the beginning of spring, back in Moosetookalook, Maine, it’s still mid-March.  Scottish Emporium owner, Liss MacCrimmon has been busily preparing for the upcoming March Madness Mud Season Sale.

The sale is a great way to bring in tourists to bolster the local businesses after the winter slump.  Like most small towns, many small businesses find it hard just to survive.  But in addition to the always successful March sale, the town is abuzz with the news that a prominent water-bottling company is in the process of making a deal with the town – a deal that could bring Moosetookalook an immediate financial windfall, and a steady, yearly income afterwards.

The town is all for this large water company bringing the town more money, but Liss, being the business woman that she is, feels the need to do a bit more research – and in the days ahead, what she finds starts giving her doubts.

Meantime things keep moving along rather quickly – everything for the big sale is on track for Liss – that is, until her husband, Dan, finds a body right smack in their own backyard!  And we all know – there’s nothing that can ruin your day more than a dead body – especially when it isn’t death by natural causes!

Sometimes it’s hard not to reveal too much about a mystery – after all, no one likes a “spoiler.”  But I will say that the victim, Charlie, was a private investigator.  His laptop and files are nowhere to be found.  His untimely demise, and even more surprising, his identity, has everyone wondering why he was in town and what or who he was investigating.

As police proceed to delve into the murder, suddenly Liss finds her own father becoming a suspect – and that simply “just won’t do!”  She and her mother get cracking with a bit of their own personal sleuthing and discover it’s not a moose taking a look in Moosetookalook – it’s a cold-blooded killer!

Kaitlyn Dunnett gives us another one of her finely crafted cozies.  I found this to be a quiet mystery —  one that had me pondering the elusive motive and murderer.  She gave us a large vat of suspects to pull from, and wading through all of them to discover the real reason behind Charlie’s murder was challenging.

Moosetookalook has always provided a colorful cozy background for her delightfully wonderful Liss MacCrimmon Scottish Mystery series.  It’s apparent Ms. Dunnett writes not only from her heart, but from her own personal experiences growing up – these two traits make all of her mysteries guaranteed winners!  I know when I pick up any one of her books, it will be a great read – and as usual, this one is no exception!

Enjoy all of Kaitlyn’s books in her Liss MacCrimmon Scottish mystery series and check out her newest series:  Deadly Edits.   Good stuff!  You won’t be disappointed!


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