A Red Flag Can Save Your Life

One thing I feel very strongly about is Red Flags!  When it comes to our health, we cannot ignore Red Flags – they can literally be lifesavers.

Breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer are constantly in the limelight when it comes to health issues – as well they should be.  The statistics can be high and we all need to pay attention to the warning signs.  However, there are other less known, less talked about cancers out there, mainly because the odds of getting these cancers are much lower than the cancers we hear about daily.

Whether you are pre-menopausal or post-menopausal, if you experience any type of spot bleeding, even if it’s minor, please be sure to consult your doctor.  There’s a good chance it’s nothing to worry about.  On the other hand, in a small percentage of women, this could be an indication of something much more serious such as uterine cancer.

Also, don’t assume that some of those moles, dark spots, etc. on your skin are fine.  It’s always good to have a routine skin checkup to make sure everything is ok.  When it comes to skin cancer, not just larger spots or moles can be a problem.  Sometimes the real culprit can be a tiny spec that you never think twice about.  I was floored when I had a skin checkup because of a large mole on my arm.  The mole was fine, but a tiny flat dark brown spot approximately the size of a pinhead (that I never even noticed) had to be removed and biopsied.

I am not a doctor, but I do know that when your body gives you “any” kind of warning sign, no matter what your age – male or female, it’s important to pay attention and not put off seeing a doctor.  If your body is trying to tell you that something may be lurking in the shadows, for your own peace of mind, please get it checked out.  And if it does turn out to be something serious, the earlier it’s detected, the better!

Bottom line:  Your body is good at giving you Red Flags for all types of potential problems, no matter your age, race or gender.  Pay attention, heed the Red Flags.  Be pro-active and take the time for a quick doctor’s visit and keep yourself healthy – you got a lot of living to do!

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