A Clean Slate: New Year 2023

Winter has arrived. Christmas has come and gone. Now 2023 is upon us. Out with the old and in with the new! With the last few years being so challenging, many of us look forward to a “re-set” and “re-start” and 2023 is it!

For some folks New Year’s Eve is just “another night.” They go to bed early and sleep right through the New Year that does the electric boogie and slides right in while they are fast asleep.

I, for one, like to usher in the New Year, excited about all the possibilities and opportunities that this new year might bring. And, if the outgoing year was particularly bad, I definitely want to stay awake to make sure that sucker is really “gone forever” and that the New Year has firmly planted itself in its place.

And with the New Year comes new goals for just about everyone. Studies have shown that folks who write down their general goals have a better chance of actually achieving them. The beginning of a new year gives all of us a “clean slate and fresh start” – the perfect time to come up with goals for 2023.

I never expect to reach all of my goals, but am happy if I hit half of them a year from now. Having a written goal list somehow makes it more motivational, more real. Putting your goal list in your desk drawer or somewhere close at hand, turns your list into a “nudge” and a “reminder” throughout the year to help keep you focused on what you want to accomplish for 2023.

Goals can be anything – from finding a new job, to actually putting a new roof on your house (that you’ve put off for 5 years), to spending more time with family, taking more road trips, business achievements or even self improvement goals (i.e., better skin care, healthier eating, updating an outdated wardrobe, etc.).

But no matter how many goals you come up with, be sure to include these two vitally important goals on your list: thankfulness and kindness. No matter your faith or beliefs, in spite of good times or bad times, be thankful for each and every day. Be thankful for friends and family. Be thankful for every blessing both great and small. Remember there are many others who may be going through unimaginable hardships — be kind, compassionate and tolerant.

No matter how good or bad 2022 may have been for you – go forward with a positive attitude, a sense of refresh, re-start and a new beginning. The 2022 slate is wiped clean – now grab the chalk and start filling it for 2023!


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