God’s Gateway

It’s simple – really. What we do in real-time life affects our future in countless ways. Even the simplest decisions can change an outcome for better or for worse. For example: You’re going to take a long walk and debate if you should leave your cell phone at home. You...

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Seasons and Reasons To Rejoice

Spring and Easter are extra special times of the year. It’s no coincidence that Spring Season and Easter Season intersect. Both seasons have a lot in common. Both seasons represent new beginnings, rebirth and a “freshness” that only these two seasons can bring. Spring...

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God’s Vortex

I still get the daily newspaper. It’s a mix of news topics: good, bad, indifferent, helpful, etc. All of these articles reflect the times we live in and what’s going on around our world. It’s a beautiful spring morning. After I read my morning paper, I took my coffee...

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The Art of Thankfulness

With the world spinning at warp speed, sometimes we lose sight of things that are and should be “basic.” Being thankful is one of them. Here are a few examples of things that are easy to overlook and be thankful for. This morning the sun was shining and the buds on the...

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God’s Raindrops

Rainy days – some folks love them, some folks hate them. But here’s something to ponder no matter where you stand on the matter. I never minded a rainy day, except, of course, when I had a dreadful work commute (especially on a Monday morning). The slightest bit of rain...

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