7 Principles For A More Productive and Fulfilling Life by Cat Stancik

Whether you are the sole proprietor of your business, manage a staff or are starting a new entrepreneurial endeavor, this is a terrific book to help get and keep you motivated and focused.

It’s a handy compact book of only 50 pages…but don’t let that fool you!  There’s no “fluff” in this book, just viable, useful information and principles that you can apply to your everyday life.  Like the author, Cat Stancik, herself, this book gets straight to the point and packs a one-two punch!

Cat holds an MBA degree and is a certified business coach. If you’ve ever met Cat, you’ll know she doesn’t mince words and calls it like she sees it.  Her dynamic personality, optimism and positive attitude has sprung her right off the high-diving board into the pool of success.

In her book, 7 Principles For A More Productive & Fulfilling Life, she shares the lessons she’s learned the hard way — how to overcome obstacles and disappointments and turn negative into positive.  Is this a rocket-science book?  NO!  It is solid, basic information that can help you change your mindset, enabling you to reach your career goals.

As someone who has been in marketing over 40 years, and functioned as a Vice President for 30 of those years, I agree with her easy, concise advice.  Some of the things she shares may be things you already knew but never bothered to put into practice.  Some of her advice may be hidden away in your subconscious (she will yank it out), while other philosophies you may have never even considered.  It’s all laid out here in a nice, neat little book.

If you’re looking for an easy, quick read to give you incentive, motivation and provide you with sound business advice, then this is a great book to keep on hand.  I purchased my copy on Amazon, but it is also found at other retailers.

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