GOALS:  Rather than make a list of New Year’s resolutions, make a list of goals for the New Year.  Studies have shown that folks who write down their goals (rather than keeping them in their head) have a higher success rate of achieving them.

We’ve gotten through 2020 – probably one of the most difficult years we’ve ever experienced.  We’ve adjusted to a new way of life, new sets of standards and new sets of rules.  We survived.

If ever there was a year to start a list of New Year Goals, 2021 is it!  Time to kick 2020 to the curb and bring on a new and fresh, positive “attitude.”

Goals can be both business and personal.  List everything you’ve been putting off – it can be stuff like:  putting a new roof on your house, starting a garden, cleaning out a closet, etc.  It can also include business goals, health and wellness goals, financial goals, etc.

Don’t expect to accomplish everything on your goal list – the point of the list isn’t to nail everything, but to make a good “dent” in it.  A year can pass in the blink of an eye.  Keeping your list handy throughout the year will serve as a reminder and help you to stay focused, motivated and accomplish your goals.

EXERCISE:  With Covid still dangerously trespassing on our everyday life, we’re outside more than ever.  Make it a point when the weather is decent to get outside and do some walking.  If you haven’t invested in an “old-school” pedometer or “new school” fitness tracker, this is the perfect time to get one and get your new year off to a healthy start.  You’ll be surprised how much pedometers and fitness trackers keep you motivated and push you to not to slack.

ENJOY NATURE:  If you’re a nature lover and have a backyard with trees and foliage, consider setting up a wildlife camera.  They are reasonably priced and some even have “night vision” for you to see what animals are coming out while you are sound asleep (and what they are doing).  These cameras are easy to operate and can provide you with plenty of amusement and entertainment.

BRING OUT THE FINE CHINA:  How many people out there have antique dishes, fine china, table linens and other antiques that just “sit” in a cupboard or are stored away and tend to be forgotten…so what’s the point in having them?

You have TODAY — enjoy it.  Eat off your fine china, use linen napkins, sip tea from antique tea cups, drink your everyday beverages out of antique or fancy glassware, sip seltzer water or juices from champagne flutes.  Storing things to keep them “safe” serves no purpose.  So maybe you break a dish or two or drop a fancy glass – at least you got to enjoy it.  LIFE IS SHORT – USE THE GOOD STUFF!

TIP GENEROUSLY:  With so many of us doing carryout or outdoor dining, be aware that the servers and service people are working extra hard and putting themselves at a greater risk just to serve us.  Newspaper delivery folks often have multiple jobs just to make ends meet – don’t forget about them, as well as others, who are taking care of us during these challenging times.

BE AWARE:  There may be friends and/or neighbors who are in poor health and can’t get out.  Also most senior centers are closed, leaving seniors extremely lonely.  Give them a call to check on them to make sure they are ok.  Got some extra cake or cookies?  Why not drop off a special treat – you don’t need to go inside their house – leave it on their doorstep and call them to let them know it’s there.  It would make their day knowing someone cared enough to think about them.

BE GOOD TO YOURSELF:  You’ve helped others get through 2020.  You’ve hunkered down and made the best of the current Covid situation.  You deserve the very BEST!  Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to that item you’ve been wanting for a while, but you’ve put off buying it.  Maybe its a new cookware set, new trendy loungewear, an online class – as long as you can afford it, go ahead and splurge a bit…you’ve earned (and January is winter clearance/sale time)!

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS:  No matter what situation you are in – you’ve got blessings!  Food on your table and a roof over your head?  Two blessings right there! Got friends, got family?  Got a job?  Got a pet?  You got blessings!  Don’t forget, blessings come in all sizes – small, medium and large — but with blessings “size doesn’t matter!”  Remember, every day is a blessing, a gift from God, let us be thankful.


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