Fathers: A Treasure Chest of Gold

Father’s Day is almost here.  Sadly, our own father is gone, but for those of you fortunate enough to still have your father, here’s the perfect Father’s Day gift – time.

While giving your father a set of golf clubs, his favorite wine, gift card, etc., is just fine, nothing can beat the gift of timetime well-spent with your father.  Your father would probably enjoy spending a day at the park, at a ballgame or a trip somewhere with just the two of you.  If your father lives far away, it’s more important than ever to have some quality one on one time.

Tangible gifts eventually go by the wayside. But memories will last a life-time for him and for you. If you can’t get to see your father this father’s day, call him and set up a date for the two of you to get together.  Tell him you love him.  He’ll be happy to hear from you on Father’s Day and will have your visit to look forward to.

If you’re a father yourself, then you know how important it is to spend time with your children.  For younger children, plan a scavenger or treasure hunt in your backyard or take a trip to the local zoo or park.  Make it extra special by providing goodie bags of their favorite candy treats and a coloring book on animals or nature (dollar stores have everything you need). The important thing is “being all together.”

As little kids, our father convinced us that our Pennsylvania backyard was visited by pirates.  Ok — we were young and gullible! He went to great lengths to find a very large piece of paper – torn and yellowed with age, to create a treasure map featuring our backyard.  He even faded out the ink!  He was an artist, so it looked pretty darn authentic to a four and eight-year old!  I STILL vividly remember the map!

One morning he excitedly told us he just discovered a hidden treasure map in our old barn.  He proceeded to unfold the huge, dirty old map and we followed it to where “X” marked the spot.  Dad told us to start digging!  Low and behold, we found a  rusted metal chest.  Dad had filled it with an old tarnished gold ashtray, some old looking fake gold coins and other fake gold stuff that he must have found in a junkyard somewhere.   At age 65, it is one of my favorite memories of our Dad.  It’s ok that the items in that chest weren’t real treasure.  We had the “real” treasure all along – our Dad.

Take this opportunity to spend quality time with your own father or your children…use a little creativity and make memories that will stay in their hearts (and yours) for a lifetime.  And the best part is, it doesn’t have to be just for Father’s Day.