I Know What You Bid Last Summer by Sherry Harris

Who doesn’t like a good bargain?  Hey, I’m a woman — I love to shop!  Give me a good garage sale or flea market and I’m one happy camper!

That’s one reason I revel in the Sarah Winston Garage Sale mystery series.  Another reason is because, well, Sherry Harris is just a darn good writer!  She knows her garage sales and she sure knows how to write a stellar mystery that’s hard to put down.

Sarah Winston has a talent for running garage sales.  In fact, she’s got such a knack for making them so successful that she’s turned organizing garage sales into a business!

The setting is a small town in Massachusetts, and Sarah has taken on the task of organizing a sports equipment swap meet and silent auction.  It’s a lot of work, but Sarah realizes this will benefit the local high school, so she’s more than happy to do it.  But she sure isn’t happy when she’s brutally attacked while organizing the upcoming event and then discovers the theft of some of the swap meet items.

But then again, it could be worse – at least she didn’t wind up dead in the gym like one of the school officials!

Sarah wonders if this was a robbery gone wrong.  Or could this somehow be mob related?  Or was this a personal grudge against the victim, “faked” to look like a botched robbery?  There’s no shortage of motives in this solid, well-crafted mystery.  There’s no shortage of suspects.  And there’s no shortage of interesting insights into garage sales and the characters that Sarah comes across throughout this cozy.

I love Sarah’s down to earth friends and neighbors.  Restaurateur Angelo DiNapolis will have you chuckling over his own personal scheming to win the lasagna bake-off contest, sucking in Sarah faster than you can say Chef Boyardee!  Her best friend and landlady are gals you’d probably like meet for happy hour, and Sarah’s new neighbor, Ryne O’Rourke is a charming character that keeps her on her toes!  Her ex, C.J., hasn’t been gone that long – but she’s slowly adjusting.  C.J.’s friends on the police force keep a close watch on her when she starts sniffing around asking too many of those “pesky” questions.  But she’s got to be careful – there’s a killer on the loose and it’s getting more twisted than an Auntie Anne’s pretzel!

Sherry Harris is simply warm and delightful and it certainly shows in her writing style.  Looking for a good deal?  Forget going to a garage sale — instead, pick up a copy of  I Know what You Bid Last Summer for hours of cozy entertainment – now that’s a real bargain!



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