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Macrame’ Murder by Mollie Cox Bryan

Until I read this positively delightful mystery, I never realized there was such a thing as a “craft retreat.”  I googled it and was amazed to find out that there really are retreats for crafters — from macramé to knitting to scrapbooking and everything in between!

I loved the setting … I loved the characters … I loved the “didn’t see that coming” terrific plot … I loved the craft retreat!  In short, I simply loved everything about book from the Cora Crafts Mystery series.  Whether or not you are a crafty person, this cozy mystery will keep you engaged until the very end.

With summer hanging out around the corner, it’s the perfect cozy to kick off your summer reading.  The setting is a gorgeous beach resort and crafters retreat on Sea Glass Island.  Cora Chevalier has previously hosted her own retreats in her small-town, Indigo Gap, NC.  But this time, she and her talented friends are off to the island to not only enjoy a little R and R, but to also teach classes at this large, popular retreat.

Cora will be teaching a blogging-for-crafters class.  Her friend, Jane, will be teaching a pottery class and her other friend, Ruby, will be teaching a seashell candle class.  Even her boyfriend, Adrian, decided to come along for some island time.

When Cora and Adrian arrive, it’s picturesque perfect – a pristine beach laden with natural sea glass, seashells and driftwood.  They even discover a very low-key private wedding on the beach.  But not too soon after arriving, there’s a dead body on the beach – a young woman stung to death by a toxic jellyfish sting – or so it seems.

But after the coroner’s report, it’s apparent – it was murder!  The serene setting at the resort and retreat is immediately shattered.  Nothing like a little yellow crime scene tape to freak out the guests!  But the teachers and class attendees are eager to keep their spirits up, determined to enjoy the retreat and everything the resort has to offer.  It isn’t easy – especially for Cora, whose boyfriend is suddenly suspected and arrested for cold-blooded murder.

As the retreat starts winding down, Cora feels totally responsible – Adrian wouldn’t have been here if it hadn’t been for her. She can’t just leave him — a prisoner of the local police!  As Cora and her friends start gathering clues to find the real killer, she’s sucked into this mystery faster than you can say “riptide.”  You’ll want to follow Cora as she cautiously weaves her way through a maze of island locals that have more to hide than meets the eye.

This book is a wonderful seaside treasure!  Ms. Bryan has certainly hand-crafted a wonderful island mystery, complete with mermaid folklore.  I enjoyed sitting in on the macramé, candle, sea glass and other craft classes and I think you will too!  An essential “beach” or “lazy day” read – count me in, I’m a fan of the “Cora Crafts Mysteries.”

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