Webb Glass Shop mystery

Etched in Tears by Cheryl Hollon

Etched in Tears is the 4th installment in the Webb Glass Shop mystery series.  Author Cheryl Hollon has combined her love of writing with her experience as a glass artist.  She has a small glass studio behind her house in Florida, which I’m sure, serves as inspiration for this delightful series.

In St. Petersburg, Florida, Savannah Webb inherited her father’s glass shop along with his talent for making beautiful glassware.  Savannah teaches etching classes at the shop and she and her small staff are as busy as ever trying to fill an order for custom-made plates.

The town is abuzz anticipating the arrival of up and coming artist, Dennis Lansing.  Dennis had left town years ago, but is now returning to exhibit his unique style of contemporary glasswork.

As a teenager, Dennis had a hard time staying straight when it came to the law — but as a young man, managed to put those days behind him.  He was also Savannah’s first heart-throb.  It was a very short-lived teenage romance, but Savannah was still anxious to catch up with him and his career at the museum reception.

The exhibit opening has finally arrived and the museum is packed.  Dennis’ notoriety has spread like wildfire.  Savannah manages only a brief conversation with him when the museum director whisks him away.  She’ll have to catch up with him at her studio later when he gives a presentation to her etching students.

The next day finds the town in an uproar, as a body is found in the museum garden.  So the mystery begins – who is the man lying stone cold dead draped over an artsy bench?  And as the facts unfold, it appears it was murder.

In the past, Savannah has been hired as a part-time consultant to the police department when there’s a heinous crime that needs to be solved – quickly.  It’s a great opportunity for her to earn some extra cash to help cover the glass shop expenses.  But when she takes on this case, it leads her deep into her past — all the way back to when her father ran the glass shop!

Enlisting help from her shop employees, she focuses on a suspect list. Could it have been the uncooperative museum director, the over-zealous security guard, a local politician, the uncaring widow or one of the other boys she went to school with back in the day?

Take a literary tour of the Webb Glass Shop and follow the hardworking staff as they fire up the kiln to create superbly etched plates and other beautiful works of art — then gather your own clues to see if you can solve this high profile case.