Botched 4 Murder – by J.C. Eaton

The seniors in J.C. Eaton’s Arizona retirement community may have retired from their 9 to 5 jobs, but they certainly haven’t retired from “life.”  With engagement calendars chocked full of pinochle games, golfing, book clubs, bocce ball tournaments, community board meetings, etc., these seniors put the “active” in the word “activity.”

There’s even speculation that some of the married folks have a wandering eye.  Their local author seems to be a bit too snuggly with his co-author.  A married fashionista has some of the men so googly-eyed that it’s enough to burst their bifocals!

Sophie “Phee” Kimball, a single forty something bookkeeper for Williams Investigations, can’t help but get sucked into her mom’s retirement community drama.  Even though she’s not a licensed private investigator, only the bookkeeper, folks latch on to her when they feel threatened and need her help.

And right now, they need her help.  The community at Sun City West is in a major uproar over a board member’s proposal to get rid of their beloved golf courses in favor of eco-friendly parks.  This isn’t flying well with most of the folks.  They know losing the golf courses will send their property values into a downward spiral.  They also know there will be live concerts and festivals that will disrupt the peaceful tranquility they currently enjoy.

These are not happy people!  But they become even more unhappy and then scared, as they realize there’s a killer among them and no one knows who it is. To make matters worse, the motive is as elusive as a yeti in the Himalayas.

Myrna is a close friend of Phee’s mom and is playing in the popular bocce ball tournament – and she’s pretty lousy.  Although these folks take their games super seriously, it’s a shock to everyone when someone tries to run Myrna and her golf cart off the road.  Could her bad bocce ball playing actually put her life in danger?   Unfortunately for Phee, Myrna and her mom come after her for the answers.

Then a body shows up outside the bocce ball court with an arrow planted firmly in the victim’s neck.  Was this an act of a vengeful lover? A bone to pick over the park proposal?  Bad bocce ball?  Or something else?

Phee feels the pressure to crack the case faster than her private investigator employers and the local authorities, even if it means sticking her neck out a little too far – after all, it wouldn’t be the first time.

This is another installment in Eaton’s Sophie Kimball Mysteries.  I loved following Phee as she unwound a twisted whodunit plot by snooping into the lives of these energetic and extremely vocal seniors.  The characters in the Sun Valley West community are a hoot!  Like the characters in the movie Caddyshack, they’re likeable, feisty and fun – and they sure do love their golf courses!

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