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Happy Fun Oldies Music #6

Spring has finally arrived!  So put some “spring” in your step as we enter the oldies Vault of Happy, Fun Music.  Fill your playlist with upbeat, happy sounds from our past.

When it came to the 50’s and 60’s, there were tons of fun songs, many spinning a story. The Coasters had us singing along with that clown, Charlie Brown and chuckling at Jimmy Soul’s advice:  If You Wanna Be Happy for the rest of your life, don’t go “pretty” — get an “ugly” girl to marry you.  You might even have joined Johnny Horton in a good fight as his sang his upbeat tale of the Battle of New Orleans.  My favorite fighting song’s hero had big floppy ears and a wet nose (don’t remember the song? See list below.).

Instrumentals like Topsy by Cozy Cole still have a bouncy, jiving beat that can send us into an upbeat mood, while Laurie London helps us keep the faith by assuring us that He’s Got the Whole World (In His Hands).

The peppy, smooth song:  Volare, hit the Billboard Top 100 four times with four different recording artists.  It’s a classic that makes you want to snap your fingers as you sway along.  The Miracles had us Going To A Go Go where you could find everyone throwing their bodies around to the latest dance crazes like the monkey, the frug, the swim and the jerk.

In the 70’s The Isley Brothers kept asking Who’s That Lady and in the 80’s Madonna kept asking Who’s That Girl – different songs, but both are catchy.  And before Starbucks, there was Starbuck singing their Moonlight Feels Right – a perfect song for a warm summer night.

In ’71 Cat Stevens had us riding his Peace Train, but the happy trains throughout the decades just kept barreling down the track.  I still can’t sit down when I hear the O’Jays Love Train, The Gap Band’s Party Train or The Quad City DJ’s pulsating C’mon ‘N Ride It (The Train).  But from 1971 through 2006, Don Cornelius led the fastest and hippest locomotion of all-time:  the Soul Train!

The Soul Train theme became a mega chart hit.  While many folks referred to it as simply the Soul Train Theme, on the charts it was:  TSOP by MFSB.  Do you remember what TSOP and MFSB stand for?  Give Up?  See the answer at the bottom. 

So go on — have some fun and Walk This Way with these catchy blasts from the past:                                    

Lucky Lips – Ruth Brown (’57)

Get A Job – Silhouettes (’58)

He’s Got the Whole World (In His hands) – Laurie London (’58)

Topsy Part II – Cozy Cole (’58)

Volare – Domenico Modugno (’58)   Dean Martin (’58)    Bobby Rydell (’60)    Al Martino (’75)

Charlie Brown – The Coasters (’59)

Battle of New Orleans – Johnny Horton (’59)

If You Wanna Be Happy – Jimmy Soul (’63)

Sukiyaki –Kyu Sakamoto  (’63)

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis (’64)

Catch Us If You Can – Dave Clark Five (’65)

Do You Believe in Magic – Lovin’ Spoonful (’65)

Seventh Son – Johnny Rivers (’65)

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – James Brown (’65)     Otis Redding (’69)

Gloria – Them (’65)   Shadows of Knight  (’66)

Dirty Water – Standells (’66)

Going to A Go Go – Miracles (’66)

Snoopy vs. the Red Baron – Royal Guardsmen (’66)

I Got Rhythm – The Happenings (’67)

Making Every Minute Count – Spanky & Our Gang (’67)

Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Rolling Stones (’68)    Aretha Franklin (’86)

Give Peace a Chance – Plastic Ono Band (’69)

Love Train – O’Jays (’73)

Moonlight Feels Right – Starbuck (’76)

Come Together – Beatles (’69)    Aerosmith (’78)

Groovy Situation – Gene Chandler (’70)

Instant Karma (we all shine on) – John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band  (’70)

Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin (’71)

Peace Train – Cat Stevens (’71)

Love the One You’re With – Isley Brothers (’71)     Steven Stills (’71)

Beautiful Sunday – Daniel Boone  (’72)

Bang A Gong (Get It On) – T Rex

Take It Easy – Eagles (’72)

Who’s That Lady – Isley Brothers (’73)

TSOP by MFSB (’73)

Walking In Rhythm – Blackbyrds (’75)

Back in the Saddle – Aerosmith (’77)

Walk This Way – Aerosmith (’77)    Run DMC (’86)

Groove Time – Heatwave (’78)

Good Times – Chic (’79)

Born To Be Alive – Patrick Hernandez (’79)

Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes (’81)

A Little in Love – Cliff Richard (’81)

Off the Wall – Michael Jackson (’81)

Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top (’83)

Party Train – Gap Band (’83)

Belle of St. Mark – Sheila E.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself – Georgia Satellites (’86)

Dancing on the Ceiling – Lionel Richie (’86)

Everybody Dance – Ta Mara (’86)

Who’s That Girl – Madonna (’87)

Back in The High Life Again – Steve Winwood (’87)

C’mon Ride It (The Train) – Quad City DJs (’96)

I hope you enjoyed this listing of happy, bouncy oldies.  Check them out on UTube or add them to your listening devices.  A lot of us grew up with Dick Clark and his American Bandstand and/or Soul Train with the debonair Don Cornelius.  Between those two shows, when it came to great music, great groups and great singers – they had us covered!  Thanks guys – you kept America rockin’ and riding a legendary train!

TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) by  MFSB (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother).


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