God is Talking – but are YOU listening?

The stars and the planets are shining brilliantly through the dark morning sky.  Its 5:45 a.m. and 40 degrees on a “not too chilly” morning.  Donning just a mid-winter Parka, cap and knee high rubber boots, I plop myself on my favorite garden bench, coffee in hand, ready to have my morning chat with God.

I’m out there talking away, thanking Him for my blessings, and asking Him to help out friends and family members with their daily struggles (myself included).  It occurred to me that while our talks with God may seem one-sided, the fact of the matter is, He is always listening and He is talking to us – but are we really listening?

He’s not blatantly slapping us upside the head (although that might be helpful) to set us straight with our lives.  Instead He puts all of us on the right path and wants us to follow it.  Whether or not we choose to stay on that path is up to us.  He is always giving us subtle signs – the solutions to many of our problems — but are we paying attention and picking up on them or are we ignoring them?

They can be simple things like the chance to re-connect with an old friend.  Will you take it or ignore it?  Who knows what good things this renewed friendship holds for both of you in the future.

Did you pass up the opportunity to spend an hour or two volunteering for a worthy charity? Volunteering could have led you to new friendships or other opportunities down the road.

Did you pass up a job interview because you didn’t think it was something you wanted to pursue?  Maybe if you had met with that potential employer, even though it wasn’t a good fit, perhaps they would have recommended another company for you that would be a perfect fit.

Life gets busy.  Life gets hectic.  It’s easy to unintentionally ignore signs from God.  It’s especially easy if we are filled with challenges and worry.  We ask for help. He gives us the signs but we don’t always acknowledge them.

We often take coincidences for granted.  But coincidences can be God’s way of giving us quiet answers to our questions as we go through life.

When coincidences happen, take the time to really think about them.  When God is talking make sure you are listening!

It’s 6:15 now.  The planets and stars are getting dimmer, receding to give way to the break of dawn.  Soon they will completely disappear and as the light of a new day forces through.  Thank you God for this brand new day and the answers and opportunities You place before us.