Pawprints and Predicaments by Bethany Blake

Anyone who has ever owned a cat (or should I say “been owned” by a cat), knows that they are always the boss!  This holds true even when it comes to Wonder Women Sixty!  Furgus (photo) pretty much let’s me post whatever I want – EXCEPT, when it comes to cozy pet mysteries!

I’ve been sternly told (by him), that any cozy mystery that has the focus on pets must have his personal paw print of approval!  He’d prefer to actually type the review himself, but frankly, his typing skills (walking over the keyboard, including the “delete” button), leave a lot to be desired!

Luckily we both agree wholeheartedly that Pawprints and Predicaments, A Lucky Paws Petsitting mystery by Bethany Blake fits the bill for a fun cozy.  Whether you’re a fan of a good book or a fan of cats, dogs and other critters, Bethany Blake serves up a solid mystery for everyone!  If you haven’t read any of Bethany’s other books in the series, it’s not too late to catch up!

The setting is in the pet-friendly Pocono Mountains town of Sylvan Creek.  Everyone is gearing up for The Tail Waggin’ Winterfest, a week-long event that has been the highlight of January for thirteen years.  But this year the festival has grown – really grown, to the point of being huge enough for TV producer Lauren Savidge, her assistant, Joy, and her crew to film the Winterfest events for Stylish Life Magazine.  Even news hound, Gabriel Graham is there to get the scoop!  There’s plenty of vendor booths brimming with canine fashion, gourmet pet treats, plus hand-made arts and crafts.  There’s an ice sculpture display, a dogsled race and plenty of hot coco and other carnival type eats.

Daphne is a local single gal and has done well with her pet sitting business.  Being the entrepreneur that she is, she’s cranking it up another notch and opening her own Flour Power Bakery featuring gourmet pet treats and pet foods that she makes right on the premises.  She’s sporting a booth at the festival and is trying desperately to open her new bakery while the TV crew is still in town to get her new venture some free publicity.

This year for the first time ever, the festival kicks off with a polar bear plunge into Lake Wallapawakee to help raise funds for animals in need.  Eighty folks (give or take), are planning to literally jump in a lake!  But when the big day arrives and the TV camera is rolling, more people show up for the plunge than expected, and it turns into complete chaos.

As if that isn’t bad enough, one of the TV team is dragged from the lake – and it’s way too late to save her!  The water in the lake may have been cold for the plunge, but not as ice cold as murder!  Daphne finds herself sucked into yet another crime (apparently this has happened twice before), much to the dismay of her friend, Detective Jonathan Black.

You’ll delight in following Daphne and her basset hound, Socrates, as they try to sniff out a killer.  Ms. Blake will have you maneuvering through a gaggle of pets and plenty of suspects, putting a smile on your face and keeping you guessing until the end of this pet-friendly whodunit.  It’s got everything you would want in a good mystery and more — including subtle overtones of a legendary ghostly Saint Bernard!  I hope you add this to your mystery reading list – it won’t disappoint!

And for those who really want to pamper their pets (and like to bake/cook) there’s even pet recipes in the back of the book!

FOOT PAW NOTE FROM FURGUS:   4 out of 4 PAWS UP for Pawprints and Predicaments


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A complimentary copy of this fine mystery was provided by publisher.