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Oldies Vault of Workout Music #6

It’s January – if What’s On Your Mind in 2019 is working out and getting more exercise, this 80’s song by the Information Society featuring the distinct Star Trek cut of Spock’s voice commanding “Pure Energy” should be enough to beam you down on your exercise mat or to the gym.

While the list below includes some of the most hyper, jacked up music through several decades, there’s no doubt that the 80’s ruled when it came to jackhammer rhythms – just what you need to get moving and motivated.  Janet Jackson was serious when she demanded “gimme a beat” – and let us know she didn’t like no nasty car, no nasty food, the only thing she liked was a nasty groove!

Peppy, bouncy girl groups like the Cover Girls, Expose, Bananarama, Seduction, Sweet Sensation and Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam had us dancing at their concerts.  Now, instead of dancing, we can be working out to their music while taking a trip down Memory Lane.

Feel like doing some weights?  Hard rockers like Judas Priest had us Living After Midnight and Guns N’ Roses said Welcome to the Jungle.  Steve Tyler wailed about the dude looking like a lady and Autograph turned up the radio.  Now these heavy hitters can provide you with some real workout fire power!

Looking for smooth, fast paced grooves from the 70’s?  Take the advice of Isaac Hayes — Don’t Let Go.   Need a roller coaster workout?  The Moody Blues Gemini Dreams will take your workout up a notch, then drop it back down – then repeat!  Foxy was a Hot Number who will have you jumping and twitching like a Mexican jumping bean! Wanting some psychedelic guitar riffs?  Load up with Jimi Hendrix.

Scan the list below for ideas to load up your favorite devices with fast-paced workout music or to take you on a fast trip down Memory Lane.   Really feeling nostalgic?  Then check out the videos on YouTube – these songs still stand the test of time!

See You Later Alligator – Bill Haley and His Comets (‘56)

All Shook Up – Elvis (’57)

Let’s Dance – Chris Montez (’62)

Hey Little Cobra – Rip Chords (’64)

California Sun – The Rivieras (’64)

Time Won’t Let Me – The Outsiders (’66)

Kicks – Paul Revere and the Raiders (’66)

Secret Agent Man – Johnny Rivers (’66)

Land of 1000 Dances – Wilson Picket (’66)

All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix (’68)

Nobody But Me – The Human Beinz (’68)

Baby Hold On – Grassroots (’70)

The Love You Save – The Jackson 5 (’70)

Keep on Truckin’ – Eddie Kendrix (’73)

Jungle Boogie – Kool and the Gang (’74)

Takin’ Care of Business – Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO) (’74)

Tush – ZZ Top (’75)

Get Up and Boogie – Silver Convention  (’76)

Golden Years – David Bowie (’76)

Turn the Beat Around – Vicki Sue Robinson (’76)

Dazz – Brick  (’77)

Hollywood Nights – Bob Seger (’78)

You and I – Rick James (’78)

Hot Number – Foxy (’79)

Don’t Let Go – Isaac Hayes (’79)

Upside Down – Diana Ross (’70)

Living After Midnight – Judas Priest (’80)

Gemini Dream – Moody Blues (’81)

Uptown Girl – Billy Joel (’83)

Glamorous Life – Sheila E. (’84)

One Night In Bangkok – Murray Head (’85)

Just Another Night – Mick Jagger (’85)

Turn Up the Radio – Autograph (’85)

Point of No Return – Expose (’85)

Nasty Boys – Janet Jackson (’86)

Rock Me Amadeus – Falco (’86)

Danger Zone – Kenny Logins (’86) (from the movie Top Gun)

So Emotional – Whitney Houston (’87)

Lady Red Light – Great White (’87)

Catch Me I’m Falling – Pretty Poison (’87)

Dude (Looks Like a Lady) – Aerosmith (’87)

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses (’88)

Beds are Burning – Midnight Oil (’88)

What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) – Information Society (’88)

Just Got Paid – Johnny Kemp (’88)

My Heart Skips a Beat – Cover Girls (’89)

This is How We Do It – Montell Jordan (’95)

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