Ho Ho Homicide

Ho-Ho-Homicide by Kaitlyn Dunnett

Kaitlyn Dunnett has gone and “dunnett” yet again!  Keep the holiday mystery season going with her terrific cozy:  A Ho-Ho-Homicide.

If you’ve never read any of her Liss MacCrimmon’s Scottish mysteries this is a great time to get started.  The setting is rural Maine, where Liss runs the Moosetookalook Scottish Emporium.  It’s early November and business as usual in her quaint Scottish shop.  That is, until Gina Snowe, her BFF from high school shows up unexpectedly.

They’ve been out of touch for years, making Liss immediately suspicious of her friend just “dropping in” out of the blue.  With a lot of prodding, Gina finally gets to the heart of the matter. Uh oh, she needs a “favor.”  Gina proceeds to tell Liss that she’s inherited her late great-uncle’s Christmas tree farm in the mountains of New Boston.  She wants Liss to evaluate the tree farm so she can decide what to do with the property – and being, the high priced, in demand lawyer that she is, Gina simply can’t get away.

Gina proceeds to paints a glorious picture of how Liss and her husband, Dan, can have a wonderful, one week getaway vacation for some quiet time together in a beautiful setting, and she’s footing the bill!

Liss wavers, but finally agrees.  She hated to admit it, but both of them had been working long hours and could use a break.  Dan is less than thrilled, but finally agrees.  Off they go on their second honeymoon and romantic hideaway.

Upon arrival, Liss can’t help but feel they are the victims of a “bait and switch.”  The farm has seen better days.  Standing on the sagging front porch and looking around, Dan and Liss saw acre after acre of neglected trees and a rundown farm house complete with peeling paint.   Ms. Dunnett’s description of the place evokes the Green Acres theme song….perhaps Lisa and Oliver Douglas would be waiting inside!

They try to make the best of it – at least they are alone with some quality time. But when they go to town for supplies, they find the locals eerily cold and downright rude.  It gets even worse as they find out that Gina’s great-uncle Simeon Snowe vanished without a trace – no body, but he was legally declared dead.

Then freak accidents start happening and they begin to wonder, were they really accidents, or is someone trying to scare them out of town – or worse.  Is Simeon Snowe still alive or is there a murderer among the townsfolk, and could they be next?

I won’t spoil the creative murder weapon, but let’s just say, I’ve never come across this one before!  And I can’t help but smile every time I see their hometown’s name:  Moosetookalook!

Time to kick out the old year and bring in the New Year with Ho Ho-Homicide.  The solid plot and perfect snowy setting make this a dynamite mystery that will have you craving more of this delightful series.