Birth of Jesus

Christmas Giving 24/7

I was checking out my purchases at a local store back in October and the cashier and I got to talkin’ (as women often do).  She told me her daughter had given her a brand new winter coat for her birthday, but she told her daughter she was going to “donate it.”  Her daughter abruptly said to her “Well, mom, if you don’t like the coat I got you, we’ll just return it and you can keep the money.”  The mom politely told her daughter, “But I already have a winter coat. I don’t need two, especially when I know winter is coming and there is someone out there in this cold weather that has no coat at all and really needs one.”

Here was a woman in her sixties working very hard at a large retail chain, but yet, thinking about others – thinking about someone she never even met, that would benefit from her new winter coat.  She is a woman who understands the true meaning of Christmas and not just during the holiday season.

Her story melted my heart.  What a thoughtful unselfish act to help a complete stranger keep warm with a brand new coat!

With the winter months ahead, this is a great time to do your “spring” cleaning.  Why wait until spring when the weather is beautiful – do you really want to waste a gorgeous day to spring house clean?  Switch your spring cleaning to the winter days that are cold and wet (you probably don’t want to go outside anyway).  And remember as you organize your home and de-clutter, to donate your clothing and household items that are just sitting around taking up space.

This is your chance to make a difference, to help someone in desperate need.  There’s probably some things in your home just begging to “get out of the house!”  If you have too much “stuff,” you can provide Christmas all year round through your donations of your unwanted items.

Are you alone this Christmas – got the Christmas Blues?  Consider volunteering at your local shelter, soup kitchen, church or other organization to help those less fortunate with food or dinners for the holidays, as well as throughout the year.  You’ll not only be helping those less fortunate, but you’ll get to make new friends.

The three wise men brought baby Jesus gifts.  But you don’t need gold, frankincense or myrrh to honor His birth.     Donate your  household items, food, clothing and/or your time volunteering to help others throughout the year as your gift to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  That’s the TRUE spirit of Christmas 24/7.