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Yule Log Murder, a holiday mystery compilation

Bûche de Noël is the French Christmas sponge cake known here in the U.S. as the Yule log cake.  The holiday season again brings us another fine anthology of three Christmas tales in Yule Log Murder.

In Leslie Meier’s story Yule Log Murder, fans of Lucy Stone will delight in another installment in Lucy’s life during the holidays as she struggles with family issues, her job on the newspaper and now, becoming a part-time cast member of an updated version of Camelot.

As if all of that in itself isn’t enough to deal with during the holiday season, she finds one of the set extras face down in the remains of a Yule log cake.  This was not a sugar rush gone bad, but a brutal holiday murder!

Meier’s character, Lucy Stone, is a strong, down to earth wife, mother, grandmother and career woman doing her thing as an amateur sleuth – and it works!  There’s plenty of chaos on the home front when her son’s family drops in for a visit while she steps up to the plate as a full-time reporter at the local Pennysaver newspaper.  And anyone who keeps up with this delightful series knows that Lucy Stone can’t help but try to sniff out the killer!

Barbara Ross brings us Logged On. It’s the season of giving in a cozy little Maine town where we find Julia Snowden repeatedly attempting (unsuccessfully) to make the famed Yule log cake to impress her boyfriend’s family.  Turns out years ago, her reclusive, cranky old neighbor, Mrs. St. Onge, was famous for baking her own Bûche de Noël — a cake so stellar it put Julia Child to shame!

Julia eases her way into Mrs. St. Onge’s heart and persuades her to teach her how to make her famous Yule log cake.  After multiple trips of visiting Mrs. St. Onge, avidly taking notes and trying her own hand at some of the baking involved, she starts to realize that over the years a LOT of folks that were associated with Mrs. Onge seem to have vanished off the face of the earth.  Even more unsettling, some of them died a bit mysteriously with no questions asked.

This is my FAVORITE Christmas short mystery of all time.  I loved the characters, the question marks that will swirl around your head as you try to figure out what happened to all these people linked to Mrs. Onge and her yule log cake.

Death by Yule Log by Lee Hollis, finds Hayley Powell depressed during the holiday season when she finds out her son is snowbound and won’t make it home for Christmas.  But when her daughter, Gemma, shows up for Christmas as planned, her spirits brighten.  Well, that is, until she saw that Gemma brought along her new beau, Conner, for the holidays.

As the season rolls along, Hayley discovers she likes Conner less and less.  She’s just got this nagging “motherly” feeling that there’s something just not right about this guy.  Try as she might, she just doesn’t trust him.

Shrugging off her uneasiness, she prepares her traditional Yule log cakes and passes them out to friends and neighbors.  Then the day arrives for Liddy Crawford’s Christmas party – “the” party of the season in their Maine town.  Seems like everyone is there, including uninvited guests — one of which caused such a ruckus that it turned into an outright brawl.  This was one party the guests would never forget – especially Hayley and Gemma! When one of the ne’er do well party crashers winds up dead with traces of Yule log cake on his body, Conner’s bound to get a lump of coal in his stocking – he’s the prime murder suspect!

It’s Hayley’s duty as mom to find out if Gemma’s new boyfriend is really a cold-blooded killer or if someone else at the party is more deserving of Santa’s lump of coal!

Be sure to add this book of rogue Yule logs to your wish list to Santa!  Santa won’t need to check it twice to know if you’re naughty or nice – you couldn’t possibly be as naughty as the killers in this holiday compilation from three steadfast authors!   


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