the Peppermint Mocha Murder

The Peppermint Mocha Murder by Colette London

Collette London gives us our fix of sweet treats and mystery with her book: The Peppermint Mocha Murder.  It’s a deliciously yummy combination of chocolate and murder, the perfect cozy to warm up your holiday season.

The book opens with chocolatier Hayden Mundy Moore taking an old-fashioned Christmas vacation to snowy Sproutes, Massachusetts with Travis, her friend and financial advisor.

Travis can’t wait to take Hayden back to his hometown to meet Albany, his childhood friend.  Albany is a slender beauty with long dark flowing hair, and she’s penned Christmas in Crazytown, a lightly fictionalized memoir of her life growing up in their small town.  It’s a holiday themed musical, appropriately debuting in Sproutes during the Christmas season.

Ms. London gets right down to business, painting a detailed picture of the decked out Bed and Breakfast where Hayden finally gets settled in for the holiday season.   Everything is over-the-top beautiful – Christmas lights and decorations everywhere, as she explains, “…it looked as though a holiday-themed boutique had exploded inside.”

Late one night, Hayden decides to sneak down into the kitchen to whip up a one of her luscious chocolate creations for the B and B guests to enjoy in the morning.  But when you hit Chapter 2, as Tag Team would say:  Whoomp! there it is — a dead body sprawled besides the dining room table next to the wassail punch.  Talk about killing the holiday spirit (in more ways than one), not to mention freaking out the B and B guests!

Well of course, this was no holiday “accident” – this was undoubtedly a brutal case of murder and somehow tied in with the Christmas musical.  With a large cast and crew busy rehearsing, there’s no shortage of suspects.

Hayden doesn’t want to get involved – she just wants to have a peaceful holiday season – but as she creates her chocolate delights for folks to enjoy, she’s learning a lot about the townsfolk and finds herself trying to unravel this crime that’s ruining the holiday season for everyone involved.

Four slender dark-haired women all very much ringers for one another, make this mystery extra challenging when doing your own private sleuthing to figure out the killer.  The atmosphere in the book is charmingly festive, and you may even pick up a few tips when it comes to chocolate (I know I did)!

Yes, there are chocolate recipes included – I may give the Easy Peppermint-Mocha Fudge a try!  Grab your own cup of hot peppermint mocha (don’t forget the candy cane swizzle stick) and settle in for a terrific seasonal read!

A complimentary copy of this mystery was provided by publisher.

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