easy party favors for all occasions

Here’s an easy DIY idea for take-home party favors for holiday guests or for other occasions such as bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, etc.

These festive Christmas cartons are nothing more than red Chinese takeout boxes with a tuft of garland and a jingle bell affixed to the top.  NO glue or tape was necessary!  You can find Chinese take-out boxes in local craft stores in assorted colors or online, and for larger groups, you can purchase them in bulk.  I got these red cartons online from Uline, 100 cartons for approx. $30.

The jingle bells (pack of 9), pipe cleaners and garland are all from my local Dollar Tree Store.

What you need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Strands of colorful garland
  • Chinese takeout cartons
  • Jingle bells or other ornaments
  • Goodies to fill inside such as individually wrapped candy, biscotti, mints, cookies, tea bags or other treats.



  • Fill the carton with treats
  • Cut a pipe cleaner to approx. 8 ½”, then twist it around the hook on the carton flap (see the front row carton example on the photo above). Then close the flaps, closing the hooked flap LAST with the pipe cleaner ends sticking out.
  • Run a jingle bell (or ornament) through one of the pipe cleaner ends, then twist the ends together to secure the bell (or ornament) to the top of the carton.
  • Cut a 9” piece of garland and wrap it around the jingle bell (or ornament), using the pipe cleaner you inserted into the flap to also secure the garland, OR put a few dots of hot glue around the top of the box to secure the garland.
  • Tuck in the end of the garland to keep the “nest effect” secure.
  • DONE!

These cartons are also a cute way for folks to also have a re-useable jingle bell or ornament after the goodies are gone.  Here are some ideas for using these cartons for other occasions:

Bridal Showers:  for a bridal shower use plain white cartons with silver garland on the top and a small ornament such as a white wedding bell.  Or use a silver carton with white garland and silver bell or silver teapot.

Halloween:  black carton with orange garland or orange carton with black garland.  Affix a Halloween ornament to the top.

Tea Party:  These cartons are perfect to hold individually wrapped tea bags.  Use a white, pastel pink or other pastel color, affix contrasting garland such as white or silver garland.  Affix an ornament such as a teacup or teapot to the top.

Birthdays:  Use any color cartons (or the birthday person’s favorite color).  Affix contrasting garland, top with an ornament (if birthday person loves fishing, top with a fish ornament – if they a reader, then top with a mini book ornament or if it’s a summer birthday, attach a sand pail or other summery ornament, winter birthday use a snowman or snowflake ornament– you get the drift!

Fourth of July:  Use cartons of either red, white or blue and top with contrasting red white or blue garland. Top with mini American Flag ornament or some other patriot ornament.

With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.  You can also find cartons with patterns, i.e., snowflakes, Santas, etc.  These can also be used.  Patterned boxes would look great with just a tuft of garland (use hot glue to affix), no ornament needed.

HAVE FUN!   This will give your guests a whole new meaning for Chinese takeout!