Simple Dual purpose holiday displays

Here’s a few ideas for easy holiday displays inside your home – and when the holidays are over, take them outside to serve another purpose!  And the part I like best — after the holidays you don’t have to store these.

Think outside the box.  Do you have items outside that you can bring inside for the holidays to whip up a quick display?  Or items laying around inside your home that could be used in a simple indoor display and then re-used again outside in a different theme?  Here are 3 examples to help get you started (no gluing, taping or tools needed):

The adorable gingerbread house (see photo) is actually a bird house from *Home Bazaar (the entrance is on the side).  But you can also use a plain red, green or blue birdhouse to fit the holiday season.  Find a good spot in your home to display the birdhouse and add some loose holiday snow, artificial greens and/or a few miniatures…fairy lights will give it an extra warm glow.  After the holidays mount the birdhouse outside. You’ll not only provide a home for your birds to protect them through the rest of the winter, but they will have a safe place to nest in spring.  And don’t forget, birdhouses make great gifts for nature lovers all year ‘round.

I purchased the red ceramic lovebirds during a Valentine’s Day clearance last year. During the warm months these lovebirds are nestled into one of my large outdoor container pots as an accent piece to give green ferns a pop of color.  But for the holidays, I’ll bring them inside and showcase them on a white pedestal with just a little fake snow and artificial holly.

I just nabbed the aluminum house at my local Home Goods store.  It is shown on a silver beaded placemat with two vintage silver reindeer and Santa.  An electric candle with timer is seated inside.  When I take down my decorations, the aluminum house will go outside.  It will look great nestled into one of my cozy flower gardens with perhaps a miniature gnome or two.  And if the elements weather it a bit, all the better!

So get your creative juices flowing – think about items for your holiday display that can serve dual purpose – get a double bang for your buck!

*You can find beautiful, quality Home Bazaar(HB) birdhouses at: or shop for HB on Amazon.