Coffee – making the world a better place

I love visiting my friends in Burgaw, NC at the trendy and fashionable Harrell’s Department Store.  The owners and staff are always there with their welcoming smiles, good conversation and a great cup of coffee for their guests.

They recently told me they are starting to sell their own coffee and sent me some complimentary samples so I could put their coffee to the test.  Apparently the word of my coffee “snobbishness” has filtered all the way down to North Carolina!

Well, who am I to say “no”?  With a dozen flavors to choose from, these are the ones I hand-picked as my personal favorites:

Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee:  This delightful, smooth and rich coffee tastes as good as it smells.  It’s sure to take the chill off of fall and winter mornings. As an early riser, there’s nothing like starting my morning with its heavenly, southern pecan scent quietly weaving its way throughout the house.  My coffee maker is programmed to stay on for 3 hours and I enjoy slowly savoring this delectable brew.

A great standalone coffee or pair it with pumpkin or apple scones or cheese biscuits – together they really set the stage for a perfect day.

Organic Fair Trade Blend (medium and dark roast):  A rich and smooth very satisfying cup of coffee delicious any time of day.  If you want just a “darn good cup of coffee” this is it! I love having this as my morning coffee, but it also goes well with desserts – particularly apple or pumpkin pie or pound cake.  A great all-around coffee to serve during the holidays!

Pandora Black:  Named after a stellar webmaster/tech guru, this is a definite “go to” for those who like their coffee like they live their life – fierce and intense, but surprisingly smooth for this dark bold brew.  Start your morning with Pandora Black coffee and you’ll be so revved up, you won’t even need your car to get to work – you can just “run” all the way to the office!

Love blueberries?  Then check out their Wild Blueberry flavored coffee.  Into the fall pumpkin spice craze?  Then check out their Autumn Spice flavored coffee, you won’t be disappointed.  You’ll also find a delicious Decaffeinated European Blend (swiss water process), as well as a hearty Columbian Supremo.

Everyone has their own coffee-style.  So go their website, check out all their coffee options and give their coffee a try.  Coffees are available in half pound (great for sampling multiple varieties) or one pound bags.  Also available in whole bean or ground.

You don’t need to go to Burgaw, NC to get their stellar coffee.  But if you do, check out Harrell’s Department Store where you can sit a spell, sip their delicious coffee and then browse through racks of their beautiful clothing.  I love Harrell’s and low-key life style of this truly cozy and charming town.


OR ORDER BY PHONE:  910-259-2112.

And if you want to freshen up your wardrobe, check out their trendy fashions at: