holiday decor


Throughout the year as holidays come and go, I enjoy doing some easy decorating to keep things interesting around the house.  No matter what the holiday, I always have a centerpiece on my small dining room table.

Over the years, I wound up collecting glass covered turkey dishes. Yes, they look lovely holding gravy or cranberry sauce, but somehow they never get used for that!  They wind up as decorations throughout my home.  You may already have one packed away.  If not, you can still order them online or find them in local stores.  I have one in almost every room from November 1st until after Thanksgiving when I start putting up Christmas and winter decorations.

With decorating, the key is “keeping it simple” so you don’t spend too much time putting up the holiday décor or too much time taking it down.   Here are a few holiday decorating tips and ideas to make your life easier:


Instead of buying new “stuff,” embellish your current decorations to give them a fresh look.  Use natural items such as pine cones, dried leaves, dried flowers, twigs, etc., or hit your local craft store for artificial leaves, flowers, sprigs of pines, etc.

When using natural items, when it’s time to take down the decorations, you can just toss them back outside to compost naturally.

I already had everything on hand to create the gold turkey centerpiece – a simple pumpkin placemat underneath the gold rimmed pedestal and loosely sprinkled gold glitter around the turkey for a touch of bling.

FRUIT BOWL:  Put out a pretty bowl of colorful fruit and nuts (oranges, cranberries and nuts look great together).

GO NUTS:  Buy a package of assorted nuts in their shells.  They look great just the way they are for fall/Thanksgiving décor.  You can re-use them for Christmas by spray painting them in glitzy gold or silver to use for embellishing your other decorations.

Spray a touch of glitter or fake snow over twigs, nuts, dried leaves, etc. or spray paint them a solid color (i.e., oranges and yellows for thanksgiving, red/green or glitzy gold or silver for Christmas, etc.)

NOTE:  Never eat nuts or anything sprayed with fake snow, paint or glitter.

LIGHT IT UP:  For centerpieces or other decorations, adding a simple strand of fairy lights will give it an instant wow effect.

CENTERPIECES:  Decide if your centerpiece would benefit from a round, square or rectangular placemat under it.  A placemat with a contrasting color or a dazzle of sparkle or glitter will make your centerpiece “pop”.  Maybe even a colorful or solid gold or silver charger plate would enhance it instead of a placemat or pedestal.

CAKE PEDESTALS:  Use cake or dessert pedestals to enhance some of your favorite holiday items.  Snow globes, music boxes, paper houses, etc., all benefit from a raised pedestal.  To fill in the area around the pedestal item:  use natural items like nuts, leaves, or artificial foliage or berries. Fake snow also is a great filler or colored or natural stones, snips of garland, sea glass or pebbles.

STILL GETTING GROOVY WITH GARLAND:  Strands of colorful garland can still be found almost everywhere and even in dollar stores.  Wrap colorful garland around ugly bases, use snipped off pieces of garland to use as filler in centerpieces or to give tired decorations a “revival” with shiny or colorful garland.

STORING DECORATIONS:  With decorations in every room, I found it helpful to store the decorations for that room in the same room.  For example, I have a ceramic Christmas tree that is always lit up in my bedroom.  When it’s time to put it away, it is stored in the bedroom.  After the holidays, my kitchen ornaments are stored in high up kitchen cabinets. When Christmas comes again I’ll know right where those items are, and they will already be in the room they will be decorating.   It saves time sorting through a lot of mixed boxes and dragging things from room to room.

FINAL HOLIDAY TIP:  Keep it simple so you actually have TIME to enjoy the holidays.