A Catered Costume Party

A Catered Costume Party by Isis Crawford

I’ve read several charming cozy mysteries by Ms. Crawford, but this one (so far) is my favorite.

This series features the loveable caterer/amateur sleuth sisters, Bernie and Libby Simmons.  Just as loveable is their widowed father, who in this book, gets back in the dating scene.  Seems he’s now seeing Michelle, a rather uppity health food fanatic.  Bernie and Libby are less than thrilled, and it just makes their characters and the bantering between all of them, more entertaining than ever.

Halloween is fast approaching and the sisters have been hired to cater the Witherspoon’s costume party.  It’s the talk of the town.  The party is being held in a large room at the Berkshire Arms, a recently renovated residential building partly owned by Darius Witherspoon.  The party was his wife’s idea – Halloween was Penelope’s favorite holiday.

But unfortunately, a few weeks before the party, Penelope disappears, leaving behind a very distraught husband.

But Darius Witherspoon was no angel.  He had big-time dreams of finding valuable lost treasure, so he organized several big-time treasure hunts.  He also lost his investor’s money—big-time on that, too.  So the plot thickens – did Penelope’s disappearance have something to do with her husband’s unsavory business ventures?  Or maybe it was because she was fed up with his shenanigans and was considering filing for divorce.  Perhaps she ran off with another man. Most townsfolk feared the worst — she met with a horrible fate and was never coming back.

But Darius insists the catered costume party resumes in honor of Penelope.  The party was a huge success. Bernie and Libby served the appetizers and laid out the appropriately spooky buffet for all the guests to enjoy. “Murder” was not on the guest list – but “murder” in this case, became the ultimate party crasher!

The sisters find themselves at wit’s end after the party is cut short.  Was one of their costumed guests the murderer?   They came up with two good reasons to track down the killer.  One: they felt obligated to their employer, Darius, to find the murderer who horrified guests and ruined the costume party.  Two:  murder on the menu is definitely NOT a plus when you own a catering business.

This book has a terrific opening scene that really sets the stage for the plot, plus you’ll enjoy the characters in this seasonal cozy.  So get yourself in the spooky spirit with this Halloween treat provided by Ms. Crawford.


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