halloween tree


What’s your Halloween style?  Spooky or nice? Whatever your style, here’s any easy DIY Halloween decoration that’s sure to brighten up your home.

Do you have a tabletop white wire/metal Christmas tree or white wire/metal Easter Egg tree?  You can easily get more use of your white trees by converting them into décor for many other holidays and special occasions.  You can also use almost any kind of white artificial tree, but I like the wire or metal ones the best.

The photo above is my vintage Easter Egg tree.  I’ve decorated it for many occasions over the years (even Christmas).  While most folks think of black or purple for Halloween, using a white tree as a base for your colorful ornaments will give them a wonderful contrast.

Over the years I’ve collected Halloween ornaments from various stores like Home Goods, TJ Max and specialty stores.  I filled the egg holders on the tree with candy corn (in mini muffin cups), and wrapped a strand of Halloween garland from the local dollar store to cover the base.  I added a strand of battery powered orange fairy lights going up the center pole.  As Len Barry would say:  1 – 2 – 3 – it’s so easy!

Want a tree decoration to carry you through Thanksgiving?  Instead of Halloween ornaments, use solid fall colored ornaments…shades of deep yellows, orange, rust and if you can find them, some pumpkin ornaments.

Watch this blog for this same Easter Egg tree converted for Christmas, Fourth of July and other occasions.  White is universal.  Below are some other easy ideas for your tree:

Baby or Bridal Shower:  Hang mini shower favors or wrapped candy from the tree (can even be a bag of treats for guests to take home).  If you are using an Easter Egg tree, fill the cups with seasonal candies.

Tea Party:  Hang mini-tea cup or teapot ornaments from the branches and individually sealed tea packets for guests to take home as party favors.

Family Reunion:  Hang universal ornaments, party favors, candy or others treats for folks to take home.  Personalize the party favors with reunion name and date.  You can jazz it up with seasonal ornaments (i.e., beach ornaments for summer, pumpkin ornaments for fall, bunny ornaments for spring, etc.).

Additional Party Favor Suggestions:  From local craft stores or online, you can find mini-Chinese takeout cartons in assorted colors (some with patterns), mini-mesh or fishnet drawstring bags.  Fill these miniature containers with colorful mints, candies, Jordan almonds or even mini-muffins  Just be sure you measure the distance between the branches to be sure there’s enough room for some of these larger party favors to neatly hang.

Basic Shopping Checklist:

White tabletop tree, ornaments, 1 strand of garland, fairy lights or mini-lights (optional)                          


TIP:  Don’t have a white tabletop tree?  Watch for upcoming sales for Christmas and snag one – or wait until holiday clearance.  Either way, if you love to decorate, a white tree will serve your multi-purpose decorating needs!