this job is murder

Chesapeake Crimes: This Job Is Murder

This Job is Murder – edited by Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman, and Marcia Talley

I purchased this book at April’s Malice Domestic mystery convention.  Of all the books for sale on the vendor’s table, I was immediately drawn to the title:  This Job is Murder.  An evil Jack Nicholson kind of smile came over me (think The Shining), and I gladly forked over my credit card.

Who among us at some point in our lives, hasn’t run across an office boss or office mate that made us want to take a whack at them?  Maybe not rub them out completely, but at the very least as mom would say: “knock some sense into them”!

This book prevails when it comes to entertaining stories about bad office or business situations that take on a killer twist!

I’ve always loved anthologies. They are a perfect read if your schedule is crazy busy and you find it difficult to cruise through an entire book.  Anthologies are perfect to take along on a trip or read while you’re commuting.  A short story can also serve as a nightcap, and perhaps a good dose of murder can take the place of a sleeping pill!

This is a terrific assortment from darker stories, to warm and fuzzy, to stories of revenge and everything in between.   It will give you a chance to read stories from a variety of stellar authors who may have slipped under your radar.

Karen Cantwell gives us a self-confessed killer whose bridezilla boss drove her to the unthinkable act of murder most foul.  Murder by Mediation, a woven tale by Jill Breslau, features a business partnership gone bad – real bad.  One of the partners goes to extreme measures to save the reputation of their business.  Barb Goffman brings us an afterlife investigator.  Steadfast Donna Andrews give us her tale of Mean Girls that I could relate to from my high school years (justice is served).

Fourteen engaging stories from fourteen authors.  Time to kick off your fall reading with a cup of hot tea and these entertaining shorts!


Note: Check out the other Chesapeake Crimes anthologies – it’s a great way to discover new authors as well as short stories by some of your old-time favorites!   I’m a Chesapeake Crimes fan, and you will be too!


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