survival of the fritters

Survivial of the Fritters – A Deputy Donut Mystery by Ginger Bolton

I’m always excited when I actually get to read the FIRST in a new series.  In this case it’s Ginger Bolton’s Survival of the Fritters.  I first fell in love with the adorable cover art of a cat peaking over a donut shop counter.  Secondly, I fell in love with the mystery itself.  Thirdly, I had to make several runs to the donut shop because the home-made donut descriptions were so vivid, I was climbing the walls with a serious sugar craving!

But Ginger’s book is worth the extra calories!  I knew it was a winner as soon as soon as I hit the first few pages.  Like most cozys, the town is quaint and everybody seems to know everybody.  Emily Westhill and her father-in-law, Tom, are partners in the Deputy Donut shop, named after her spunky tiger cat.  Tom is a retired cop and Emily used to be a 911 operator who was married to his son, Alec, also a policeman.  But fate dealt the couple an ugly hand.  Alec died in the line of duty only a few years after they were married.  It’s still taking Emily some time to get over his death but starting the donut shop with Tom has helped.

The Deputy Donut shop is the sugar version of the Cheers bar.  There are regular customers that Emily and Tom see almost every day.  When their good friend, Georgia, part of the local knitting club, goes missing – the knitting group and Emily start pooling their resources to try to find her.

Sad to say, Georgia is finally found, but not alive.  It’s a ghoulish crime.  Who on earth would want to murder sweet Georgia whose business was repairing dolls?

Even though Emily was never a policewoman, investigative skills flow readily through her veins.  Together with Lois, a new friend of Georgia who just arrived in town, and Brent, her husband’s former partner, they start putting the pieces together.

Everything seems to start tying into another unsolved murder that happened five years ago…the murder of Georgia’s son!  Things heat up quicker than the donut shop deep fryer as Emily sees almost everyone as a potential killer.  An arrest is made – but is it really the right person?  Emily’s not so sure.

Follow Emily and the meanderings of her feisty cat, as they bite off more than either of them can chew (and I’m not talking donuts)!

Dust off your treadmill – you’ll need it after you consume Ginger’s book and all those fancy fritters and donuts!

Note:  Her followup Deputy Donut shop mystery, Good-bye Cruller World has landed.  Great opportunity to start this new series from Ginger Bolton. 


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