murder with a cherry on top

Murder With A Cherry On Top – by Cynthia Baxter

After Kate McKay graduated from college she moved to New York City and developed a successful career in public relations. But duty called her home to Wolfert’s Roost to care for her ailing grandmother.

Moving in with her grandmother, Grams, gave her a comfy and familiar place to live, enabled her to help Grams around the house and also live her dream of opening her very own ice cream shop.

Ashley Winthrop owned the Sweet Things Bakery across the street from Kate’s new Lickety Splits Ice Cream Shoppe. That wasn’t a problem – a bakery and an ice cream shop are two totally different businesses. But Kate can never forget that when they were kids, Ashley was a constant thorn in Kate’s side — in fact, she was downright mean and malicious. Even though they were both now full-fledged adults, time didn’t change Ashley one bit.

Things were moving along as planned for Kate, but then, as they say, “the other shoe dropped.” Ashley decided to add gourmet ice cream to her bakery the same week as Kate’s grand opening! Kate considered this act from Ashley as just another way to torment her. Now Kate’s new business has a competitor way too close for comfort. A confrontation was inevitable – unfortunately, it was in Kate’s shop with plenty of customers witnessing the heated argument that ensued between the two of them.

Turns out Ashley made a lot of enemies, not just Kate. But when Ashley gets stabbed inside her own bakery, well you can guess who the number one suspect is gonna be!

Yup, Kate’s in deep trouble and she can see the writing on the daily blackboard specials. Do you want a spoon with your sundae or will a knife do? Do you prefer powdered malt topping on your sundae or gunshot residue? Let’s face it, who wants their kid’s ice cream sundae made by a possible killer! Anxious  to clear her name and keep her customers, Kate takes it upon herself to weed through Ashley’s past, including a slimy ex-husband, current boyfriend and an assortment of other characters all linked to Ashley’s bakery.

Emma, Kate’s niece, makes a grand and unexpected addition to Kate’s ice cream shop and apparently, her old flame, Jake, is running the local diary. It’s easy to love this light-hearted cozy that offers tidbits of ice-cream trivia at the beginning of each chapter.

Summer is slowly winding down, but there’s still plenty of hot summer days when nothing else will do except a triple scoop ice-cream sundae, topped with a dash of murder!

Check out this delightful Lickety Splits Ice Cream Shoppe Mystery series, but be forewarned – it will give you some serious ice-cream cravings! I have 3 gallons of assorted ice-cream in my own freezer to prove it!

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