cold brew coffee

Crack a Cold One: Cold Brewed Coffee

What’s your coffee style?  Traditional black morning coffee, basic latte, gourmet latte, iced coffee?  How about the roast: Italian, Columbian, French, Breakfast Blends, etc. and if those aren’t enough choices, uh oh – do we go with whole bean, already ground or K-cups?

Coffee fanatics over the last few years are rejoicing as the coffee explosion continues.  I used to see every store sporting a sign:  No Food, No Drinks Allowed.   Lately I’ve noticed most of those signs (thankfully) are gone!  People stroll through store aisles, down the streets and walk through their offices with coffee in hand.  I, for one, am in 7th heaven.

Some super smart stores like Trader Joe’s even have daily coffee samples for their patrons – what a brilliant move to sell their various coffees (as well as other foods)!

And as if there aren’t enough coffee drink choices, there’s a whole new opportunity for coffee ice-cream, coffee milkshakes, coffee brownies, etc. but that’s a whole other blog post!

The newest coffee trend I see exploding here in the Washington, D.C. metro area, is cold brew.  Exactly what is cold brewed coffee?  It is coffee that is brewed in cold or room temperature water.  It’s actually steeped. Cold brewing gives coffee a milder taste since this process takes out a lot of the acid found in traditional coffee. Yes, most people drink it cold, but you can actually heat up cold brewed coffee and drink it hot.

Suddenly local coffee shops are touting a barrage of cold brew beverage choices.  Grocery stores are even carrying cold brews in bottles or cans in all shapes, sizes and flavors – sweetened, unsweetened, vanilla flavored, mocha flavored, etc.

During these hot summer months, I’m shamelessly drinking my way through them all! I haven’t found one I didn’t like yet!

Warm months are the perfect time to try out a chilled cold brew.  It’s been easy to find one serving cold brews just about anywhere that sells coffee.  I love that fact that while I’m hitting the road during the wee hours of the morning when even the coffee shops aren’t open, I just grab a cold brew or two from my fridge and toss it in my car in a lunch cooler bag.

Not sure if you’re going to like cold brewed coffee?  Only one way to find out – review the choices and find the one that tickles your fancy.  If you’ve got a Trader Joe’s they have their own excellent cold brew choices including coconut cold brew.  It has a very subtle hint of coconut and no sugar – best of all, it’s delicious! If you want to make it creamy, add a splash of Trader Joe’s Coconut Creamer (non-diary and only 1 gram of sugar).  If you like sweetened lattes, cold pressed espresso La Colombe (in small 9 oz. cans) will Light Your Fire even faster than The Doors!

So whether you’re hitting the road or just need that buzz to get your heart rate up in the morning, start sipping your way through all the wonderful choices of cold brewed coffee, there’s bound to be one that will get you happily hooked!  As B.J. Thomas would say:  “I’m hooked on a feeling” – and that feeling is from cold brew coffee!