hark the herald angels slay

Hark The Herald Angels Slay, a year-round Christmas mystery by Vicki Delany

Another delectable Delany mystery unfolds in the small town of Rudolph, NY where Christmas is a 24/7 event.  Yes — the town of Rudolph celebrates all year!   And here it is, Christmas in July and Santa’s coming to town (by boat) with his helpers to kick off the holiday festivities and bring in tourists during the hot summer months.

Merry Wilkinson, our heroine of this wonderful “year-round Christmas mystery series,” is the shop owner of Mrs. Claus’s Treasures.  Everyone, including Merry, is thrilled to be stocking their store shelves and waiting for the arrival of the staff of the elite magazine, Jennifer’s Lifestyle.

Jennifer’s Lifestyle wants to do feature on the town’s Christmas in July. Erica is in control of the magazine that was passed down to her from her grandmother, Jennifer.  When Erica, her crew and fiancé arrive, they turn the town upside down.  Seems Erica and her fiancé can be very snobby and quite demanding. In addition to everyone in town talking and gawking about them, celebrity seekers also descend upon Rudolph to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous.  Seems Erica is all abuzz herself – she’s getting married soon and has her hands full with planning her 5-Star wedding (soon to be prominently featured in her magazine).

But when Erica’s fiancé tracks down Merry, she hits the bricks faster than Santa shimmying down a chimney!  Seems her own ex fiancé, Max Folger, is Erica’s soon to be new hubby! Things just get weirder as Max starts putting some smooth moves on Merry!  Huh?  He’s engaged to be married!  Suffice it to say, things did not end well when Merry was engaged to Max, and they certainly don’t look like they are going to end well for Max this time around either.

Yup, it’s July, but still not too early for a holiday homicide. The Christmas decorations are all shiny and bright at Merry’s stop, but the dead body – not so much!  Seems her shop assistant, Jackie, has also disappeared.  Now everyone in town is wondering if Jackie was kidnapped or could she possibly be the killer?

It’s up to Merry to find out – after all, good help is hard to find!  Follow Merry as she tries to solve this early holiday mystery, find her missing shopkeeper and bring the spirit of Christmas back to the quaint little town of Rudolph.   Dead bodies can sure be bad for business!

I am “hooked” on Vicki Delany’s “year-round Christmas mystery series” and I think you will be too!  And avoid the rush — it’s not too early to catch those summertime clearance sales and take a whack out of your own holiday shopping!   MERRY WILKINSON CHRISTMAS!

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