DIY birdbath

Easy DIY Birdbaths

Watching your feathered friends clinging to birdfeeders or splashing around in a birdbath can provide you with plenty of soothing entertainment in your own backyard or patio.   But let’s face it – birdbaths can sometimes be a hassle.  Clean birdbaths are vital to keeping your backyard friends healthy.  But some birdbaths can be hard to keep clean especially if they are made of heavy materials and are high up on a pedestal.

If you don’t have a lot of predators, a ground birdbath is easy to maintain and it’s an easy DIY project.  I literally put this one together in my own backyard in just 20 minutes using some leftover small stones, blocks of cement edgings and a cat statue.  The melamine blue shallow serving bowl was from a local discount store. The cat is perched on a large rock I found in my backyard.

Before you start, decide what size shallow bowl and any other rocks or statues you are going to use so you know how large to make your frame.

  • Build a Frame: Find various edging choices for your frame at your local lawn/garden shop.  I used leftover scalloped cement edging blocks from a previous garden project.  You can also use bricks.  Push the edging blocks or bricks up against each other to create a tight frame.
  • Fill the Frame: Use small stones/pebbles to fill in the frame.  You can also put down a thick layer of small stones and then add a layer of crushed seashells and/or sea glass. Stones should be at least 1” deep to keep those pesky weeds from popping up.
  • The Bath: heavy, shallow plastic (or melamine) serving bowl.  Use caution: not all plastics are “safe” to eat off of.  If it’s safe for humans to eat off of, then it’s safe for birds to drink from.  Use a heavy plastic bowl so it won’t blow around.  If you do get a lot of wind, add a rock in the center to keep it weighted down.  If your serving bowl is more than 3/4” deep, add a rock to the center so the birds can see the water depth (so they don’t drown).
  • The Finale: You don’t even need to add a statue, just the shallow bowl and a large rock or two for them to perch on will suffice.  But if you use your imagination you may have some things laying around the house or garden to add to the setting.
  • Tips: When building your birdbath it should be constructed to withstand winter.  Providing water to birds in winter is just as crucial to them as water during the hot summer.   Resin statues are cute, but if you live where there are harsh winters, resin can crack and break.  Nature’s own rocks, metal objects and cement statues are indestructible.  Summer clearance is here!  Now is a good time to find a shallow plastic summer serving bowl on sale.
  • Placement: Be sure your birdbath is near a window when you can enjoy the show.  Nature is a gift from God – and the show is “free” for all to enjoy.