stowed away

Stowed Away – A Maine Clambake Mystery by Barbara Ross

Stow away with veteran mystery author Barbara Ross and her light, breezy summertime mystery that will surely have you longing for a cool island retreat and an old-fashioned clambake to boot!

Julia Snowden and her family are feverishly working to get their Maine clambake business ready for the summer tourist crowd.

Everyone is busy and things are moving along as planned until Wyatt Jayne, an old school rival, arrives in town via her billionaire boyfriend’s yacht, the Garbo.  Seems Wyatt’s guy has a reputation for being a filthy rich recluse with a lot of questions lurking in his past – especially when it comes to how he made all that money.

There’s no shortage of a fully staffed crew on the Garbo and for that matter, no shortage of murder either!  The crew’s life is turned upside down and Wyatt’s love life gets put on a serious hold when a dead body is discovered on the yacht.  Julia begins her own informal investigation since one of the suspects is the Garbo’s chef, Genevieve, a long-time friend of Julia’s.  Then she discovers her own family has been quietly looped into this murder because of an extremely valuable family necklace.

By the time you finish this cozy mystery, you’ll not only feel like you’ve been sailing on the Garbo, but you’ll fall in love with the down-to-earth characters earning their living by keeping the droves of tourists happy as they swarm into town for the summer clambake.

I loved the surprise twist that totally caught me off guard, making this a page turner until the very end.  Well-developed characters mixed with a warm summer atmosphere make this a perfect book to take to the beach or to read while sipping lemonade in your favorite shady spot.  Grab your sleuthing skills and sail away with this cozy whodunit.

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